Men Victimised By Law – Why Is Section 498A Of IPC Still In Practice?

Men victimized by law

Have you ever noticed that most laws in the Indian Penal Code that address physical abuse are biased towards men?

92% of individuals, who get arrested under IPC Section 498A, are found “not guilty” after the trials.

In this video, Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj, the created of the documentary “Martyrs of Marriage”, talks about how laws are used against men by scornful better halves. During her session, Deepika shows a self-shot footage of Syed Ahmed Makhdoom, who committed suicide because of false dowry case filed against him; the case also led to separation from his son in 2009.

Indians take the institution of marriage too seriously, but the fact is that divorce is becoming part of the Indian society with the ratio being somewhere between 30-40%. In many cases, when marriages fall apart, Indians blame the man and his family.

The constant harassment endured through false cases leads to suicide among men. When the government talks about equality, why does it not target Section 498A of the IPC, which is evidently biased towards men?

Whether this law will be abolished only time will tell.

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