Talk About Being The Envy Of Your Neighbours! A Glow-In-The-Dark Car Launched By Nissan.

Glow in the dark car by Nissan

Nissan is on a roll it seems!

It is already partnering aerospace company NASA in developing a driverless car that will revolutionize how we see automotive technology in the years to come.

Glow-In-The-Dark Paint!

Now, Nissan is upping the ante even more; it has now the first ever car manufacturer brand in the world to use its ‘glow-in-the-dark paint’ technology on one its futuristic electric car models. They have enveloped their product, NISSAN Leaf in a UV light absorbent paint that simply ‘glows in the dark’!

The Nissan Leaf (Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) is an eco-friendly five-door hatchback car which is lighter on the pockets and can be easily charged with connection to a standard electric wall socket. It runs on a huge Lithium-ion battery pack similar to the ones your phone runs on.

The 24 kWh battery pack gives the car enough juice to traverse long distances. The main battery on the Leaf is supported by an auxiliary 12-volt lead acid battery which powers the various computer and entertainment systems running inside the car.

Nissan has draped the spunky looking Leaf with a UV light absorbing ‘glow-in-the-dark paint technology’ which makes the car look even crisper and enticing than before!

There are numerous‘luminous car-wraps’ available online but this is the first time when an automobile company has officially applied such a paintjob to one of its products.

UV Paint Technology

The ‘glow-in-the-dark paint’ technology gives the Leaf a completely new persona which is sure to make every neighbor envy the owner of this car.

The quirky paint finish, called the ‘Starpath’, has been created by an inventor called Hamish Scott. Scott developed this paint with the use of a secret formula which constitutesonlyorganic materials amongst which is a very rare natural product called ‘Strontium Aluminate’. It is a solid, chemically inert and odorless substance.

The paint that he has developed is a spray-on coating that absorbs the Sun’s UV energy and glows effervescentlywhen the surroundings become dark. It keeps glowing for about eight to ten hours!

Nissan claims that the paint job can easily last for 25 years at least.

Nissan's glow in the dark car

Nissan’s glow in the dark car

Launch in the mainstream market?

Nissan has stated to interested customers that this paintjob has been applied to the car to highlight theburgeoning amount of Leaf owners who are charging their cars with solar energy. The carmaker hasn’t yet revealed if this paintjob will become mainstream for customers to able to purchase.

The company is also experimenting on a patented self-cleaning paint. Last year, the Japanese carmaker showcased to the world a one of a kind ‘self-cleaning’ nanotech paint which they dubbed as the ‘Ultra-Ever Dry’ that repels any type of dirt or grime that alights on it.

We laud Nissan for coming up with innovative technologies that can help customers in some way or the other. These technologies may seem quirky right now, but will soon be a mainstream car feature if launched for the intended audience.

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