You Cannot Pass This Anger Management Test! We Challenge You!


Sometimes we all explode into a tornado, yelling and swearing, and would storm out of the place we are at, leaving the rest wondering when or if you would ever return!

This has happened to you, right?

And, of course, this was most likely when you were working on stringent work deadlines or going through a crisis in life that got blown out of proportion!

Well, everyone gets angry from time to time; that’s normal and healthy.

What isn’t normal or healthy is when anger takes over and you feel angry more often than not.

That is the time you need to put yourself on an ANGER MANAGEMENT TEST!

We all are aware that an angry outburst is predicated by a number of other signs, including:

  • Sarcastic, Irritable, or Moody Behaviour
  • Apathetic and/or Inconsistent Work Performance
  • Making Direct or Veiled Threats To Friends And Associates
  • Aggressive And Antisocial Behaviour
  • Shouting and Shrieking at Possibly Everything 

And this aggravation is often a result of the following:

  • Touchy and frustrating relationships
  • Incompetence with profession or life in general
  • Obsessive involvement and/or emotional attachment to things and people.
  • Overreaction to policies or performance appraisals in the organisation you are working at
  • Not getting enough out of a situation as per your expectations
  • General insecurities and jealousies in life 

Any or all of these can be reasons for an anger problem brewing, and that it could erupt at any time.

How to know if you or someone you know has an anger problem?

If you think you or someone you have an anger problem, ask yourself these questions and put yourself to our quite effective Anager Management Test:

  • Have you often remarked on the unfairness of situations or try to place blame on others?
  • Do you engage in bullying others or putting others down in public?
  • Do you feel alone or singled out by situations?
  • Do you feel that situations are always out of their control?
  • Do you get defensive about their job duties, personal space, physical possessions, privacy, or time?

Any of these can happen to someone once or twice, but if one or more of these situations plays out with you quite frequently, you have failed our anger management test and it might be time for you to get some help.

Here are a few suggestions from our expert team, on how to deal with anger when you feel it engulfing you:

  • Call out the frustration, the inappropriate behaviour and your dislike to a situation explicitly in writing. 
  • When you feel it coming, walk out of the place and try to be under the open sky for that particular moment. 
  • Provide constructive ways to yourself to voice your concerns and frustrations. For example a piece of satirical cartoon if you are good at art. Or a hilarious video filled with comments you would otherwise spill out in rage! 
  • Get hold of your favourite possessions in the moment of anger. Like a movie, your favourite music, a book or maybe your favourite drink. 
  • Take deep breaths. Turn it into a game: keep a deck of cards on your desk and draw a card at random, then take the number of deep breaths that’s on the card. 
  • Repeat a calming word or phrase in your mind, such as “relax” or “stay cool,” or “let it go.” 
  • Slowly count to 10. Yes, it works, and works too good! 
  • Ask yourself, “How would my favourite movie character handle this situation?” 
  • Consciously relax your muscles. Close your eyes if possible and work from the top of your head down to your toes relaxing each muscle group in turn. 
  • Ask yourself, “Is my anger going to affect or change this situation?” If the answer is no, try to think of something that would positively change the situation.

Make sure you are a good example for others on how to manage anger constructively.

If you worry that you yourself may have an anger problem, be sure to seek professional help, but in addition, you can try the above techniques to get a grab on it.

Have you ever had to deal with a colleague or a friend with an anger problem?

How did you handle the situation?  Give us your best tips in the comments below.

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