Laddoos You Get In A Cousin’s Marriage

Why Indian wedding is fun – The #IndianWedding is typical 4-5 days long process which consists of some never ending traditions and the programs…

The list of #Indian culture and tradition cannot be complete without the addition of the Big Fat Indian Wedding.

The #IndianWedding is typical 4-5 days long process which consists of some never ending traditions and the programs from haldi ceremony to the sangeet and of course the midnight marry-go-round or the ‘feras’. 

This Indian wedding has a congregation of all the relatives whom you don’t even know but still behave as if you are the dearest to them, who are just there for the so called blessings to the bride and the groom. The never ending party saga and the long shopping list for all the relatives is also an important point on a to-do list.

So here we have some of the moments that we come acroos when we get to attend a cousin’s typical Indian Band Baaja Baaraat..

And you are the next!

People in the family go so much according to the sibling hierarchy as if there is a long queue formed for the marriage. All the relatives in their conversation has a closing line as, the waiting is cleared and the next number is yours. Also few of the dialogues include, now the next we will meet will be in your marriage!



Great Place For On-the-spot Matrimony

People along with enjoying the never ending chats with the fellow relatives in a marriage also turn out to enjoy the free matrimony services by hunting for an ideal bride or the groom for their children. They make all possible ways to know more and more people and have as much options they have. The weirdest question that I ever came across from a relative was, What is your height? That was the only question I was asked by him, he was not even interested to know my name.



Groom’s friends hitting around

There will be a whole lot of groom friends who will be hitting around on the girls from the bride’s side and it can be possible vice versa. There can be number of eligible bachelors who look for their perfect match and friendly flirting can be a part of many conversations with girls. Also they don’t leave an occasion to indirectly comment on the girls.



Unlimited free food

The unlimited free food, (with complimentary booze) is undoubtedly the best part of any Indian wedding. You get to try your hands on every possible cuisine that is served right from the breakfasts, high tea to a three course dinner. You also come across not-so-cool wedding crashers hogging on the food.



Much expected cash flow!

The smallest of the ceremonies in a wedding has a distribution with cash envelopes and you being younger to the cousin are the proud owner of many cash envelopes including the much  talked about ‘jootey chupao ceremony’.


Therefore, the Indian weddings are typically one of its kind ceremonies where you have all the emotions added to it along with the unlimited fun and dance and of course everyone enjoys it to the core!

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