Do You Know Why Baba Ramdev Decided Not To Marry ?

Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev is no less a nation-wide sensation than Shahrukh Khan is.

Starting from his strange yet effective Yoga positions to his wide range of utility products, he has become one of the most sought-after people in the country. We can hardly remember a time when Baba Ramdev was not a famous person.

His wide range of Patanjali products has been a phenomenon. Not only in the kitchen world, he has also launched a wide range of beauty products which are brilliantly useful.

Very recently, on Wednesday, PM Narendra Modi launched Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurvedic Research Institute in Haridwar. Baba Ramdev has by now become a millionaire. One of the most common questions asked by people is when is he going to settle down. Well, after a lot of research, Kaushik Deka’s book “The Baba Ramdev Phenomenon: From Moksha to Market” has unearthed many secrets and unknown information about Baba Ramdev. Along with that, the reason for his deciding not to get married has also surfaced.

Kaushik Deka has written that Baba Ramdev has always been an avid reader. After reading a book by Dayanand Saraswati called “Satyartha Prakash” Baba Ramdev’s life underwent radical change. Baba Ramdev has sworn by the teachings and the preaching’s and the ideologies of the book and has claimed his life-long solidarity to it. He has said that the preaching’s in the book has influenced him a lot and ever since his teenage years he has been living his life like that of a saint. He has sworn never to get married and to spend a life of celibacy hereafter.

Baba has said that the first chapter of this spiritually charged book deals with the origin and the actual meaning of the word, “OM”. “OM” is a combination of “Atman” meaning the self within or our soul and “Brahman” meaning the ultimate reality of the universe, Divine spirit, supreme spirit, cosmic principles and knowledge. These words and ideologies had a drastic effect on Baba and his life. For this reason, till date, he does not say “Hello” on the phone. He says “OM”.

Such a radical change on a human being really does make him do great things which Baba Ramdev has truly done.

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