5 Things You Hear A Lot When Your Parent Is A Teacher

Parent Is A Teacher

When parent is a teacher – Having a parent who is a teacher is a different experience altogether but at the same time, your friends piss you off by saying things that are not always true.

Well, I am sure they have stereotyped you as a typical teacher’s son or daughter and ask you weird stuff. Don’t they?

So, if that really is the scenario then I am sure you hear these 6 things a lot:

When your parent is a teacher –

1. ‘You must have been controlled a lot’

My parent is a teacher and not a control freak so why would I be controlled? Also, every parent controls their child in a normal way to keep them in their boundaries. So how does it make a difference if I am a teacher’s child?

2. ‘Discipline must have been the only thing for you’

Why? Just because I have a teacher in my house does that mean all the fun goes out? Yes, I have been in disciplined but only where it was needed.

3. ‘Do you get to watch fun things on TV?’

What do you really mean by that? Yes, I watch cartoons, movies and even songs on TV. I am sure you think that I only watch nerdy channels, right? Well, I don’t.

4. ‘You must not be in need of tuitions, huh?

If my parent is a teacher, then I don’t think they are well versed with all the subjects in teaching, it’s just one. Also, they have many other things to do in life rather than giving me tuitions. So, yes I go to tuitions just like you.

5. ‘Other teachers must be friendly with you’

No, they are not. All other teachers treat me just like every ordinary student and it doesn’t make any difference to them that my mother or my father is a teacher. So, don’t stress out on that, please.

So guys, next time someone says any of these things to you, please tell them to shut up. And if you are friends with someone whose mother or father is a teacher, then please stop saying all these things to them.

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