Guys, Here Are 6 Things Girls Mostly Talk About!

Things Girls Talk About

Things Girls Talk About – Guys, are you the one who wants to know what your GF talks about when she’s hanging out with her girl-friends? To be honest, girls talk & talk about many things.

Obviously, she talks about you as well.

I know, that’s not so surprising, but still, I thought you must know about it.

Now, in movies, they mostly show that “guys” never talk about girls, and all they talk about is cars, expensive things, watches *blah* *blah*. Well, girls know that the shit ain’t true at-all. But anyways, today you don’t need to take any blame; instead this one is to help you know about what your GF is talking with her pals.

Ready? No doubt that you are.

Here are 6 things girls talk about when they are hanging out with their friends.

  1. They talk about other GIRLS

Yes!! I know you do that too, but anyways, girls are into that. They talk about “that” one girl who they think is an attention-seeker etc. You know, there’s always a girl they’re spying on, so they mostly talk about her. Like who is she dating now? Oh, that picture she posted was pathetic or gorgeous etc etc.

  1. Personal Relationships

Yep, then comes YOU. They ask each other about their relationship e.g. how’s it going, he is a good kisser *blah* *blah*. You know what, to have FUN; they reveal BF’s cute little secrets too.

So, the next time you meet your GF’s friend, and she keeps laughing by looking at you, then you must “what’s wrong.”

  1. BF’s personality

Yep, that’s why when you meet her, be presentable. Even though she don’t want to reveal things, her friends will twistedly ask her questions that’ll make her reveal all the truth about her personal life.

So, she will tell them, my BF is this & that. You know, it goes on.

  1. “Secret Crush”

Oops!! This is something that you’ll ever know. Some girls have secret crushes that they spy on secretly. And then, when she meets her friends, she’ll talk about him e.g. His DP is so damn SEXY! He is getting attractive day-by-day.

  1. Entertainment World

Yep, e.g. Ranbir broke up with Katrina, Sachin’s daughter is damn gorgeous, oh, and Ryan Gosling is looking HAWWWT in that movie etc. Most girls talk about the entertainment world as well.

  1. Family

Each and every one has to deal with some Family-Drama. So, sometimes, girls talk about all the things that happened etc. You know, the fights, good things and bad things, literally everything.

Things Girls Talk About – Ladies, do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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