What Was The Aim Of Having Social Media Sites And What Are They Actually Doing?


Social media sites – can’t ignore them, can’t live without them!

This is the digital era and being connected socially to what’s hot and happening and what is currently the ‘in-thing’ is highly critical and matters if you do not want to be called a social media ‘dud’!

Thanks to social media sites, your hunger for new, cutting-edge and viral content is satisfied with a slurry of quirky posts, write-ups, funny videos, informative blogs, DIY videos, spiritual stuff and what not!

If it is different, funny or interesting it is visible on social media websites around the world!

But then, some sites develop a hideous pattern of posting the same content over and over again in a new avatar. To be exact, there are more than a thousand social media websites that cater to different kinds  of audiences like Fb, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Vine and Ask. Fm. India itself has more than 100 of them, but they didn’t really take off as well as the above mentioned ones did.

Let’s take some quips at some of our fellow social media website buddies and how are they using and misusing them…


Was supposed to be a Microblogging site!

But today, this website is like the ‘hue and cry’ centre of most celebs; national and international alike! Every profile you see will sport a funky name with lots of posts and retweets that mostly matter nothing to the world! For example, KRK’s tweets about actresses – who even cares?!

PM Modi’s tweets are not even written by him! A team handles all the posting! Twitter is nothing but a cry-centre for most people. Very few genuine posts appear on the site, but yes, breaking news always breaks first on this microblog always!




A place where we could connect with people from far and wide and do some real social networking!

To be apt, Facebook now, or fb as we call it lovingly is like our ‘chuddy buddy’. We post cute pictures, selfies, poems, love statuses, heartbreak rants, hate messages, inspirational quotes, videos, recipes, details about every check-in to a place… even while boarding a flight at the ‘domestic’ airport!

What does a guy in America have to do with you flying from Delhi to Mumbai?! Just think about it… posting everything about your life on a website that is headquartered in a foreign country…. Feeling scared about privacy?



Don’t know why and what this is for!

Wait! Don’t laugh! You dare not smirk! Google+ is a social media website after all! People don’t visit it as much as the aforementioned culprits, but then, it entered the arena quite late…

Just like after Whatsapp everything else seems too cumbersome to install on your smartphone… Even then, Google+ holds on like the army of Sparta… We just hope it doesn’t die the death Orkut or Google Wave died…



Well, objective was to create a photo sharing platform! Some intresting and genuinely adorable photos to be precised!

Now, Instagram is like the daily log-book for people who love (irritating level of love) taking pictures… Posting every damn picture of your food, the menu, your shoes, your selfies, dogs, cats, insects, sofa, bed and what not! … Why not post a picture of yourself taking a poop! Ohh so you know where to draw the line.. do you? 😛

Well, other celebs mainly the ‘phorenmaal’ posts nude selfies and what not on Instagram just to rake in publicity…after all nowadays ‘skin’ sells. Just Google the ‘Free the Nipple campaign’ and get to know what kind of ruckus Instagram causes for deleting naked pictures of people.



LinkedIn was for the business class, but it has been reduced to a mere ‘telephone directory’ like junction where people just visit to verify someone’s professional credentials and hiring people when consultancies give you zilch! :/

The new interface of the website was meant to do more, but somehow the website simply doesn’t cater to people’s love for posting mindless crap. After all, you cannot post your ‘cheesecake wala picture’on the website, your boss will give you a mouthful for being unprofessional! 😛

Oh yes, the viral pictures of Om Sai Baba and Emotional Photo Message Shares can be seen on LinkedIn too, these days of course! Save the business world!


Well, to be frank, these websites were made for many different purposes, it is we the humans who have taken control on how they should work. The Facebook ‘Like’ button matters to most people more than food!

This is a good thing and bad thing alike. The good thing is that the world is getting connected more socially each day, the bad thing? We share so much crap that privacy is non-existent and productivity in real life takes a toll.

After all, who remembers who you were dining with last year this day or which flight you took to God knows where and what squabble or break-up you had! 😛

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