5 Ways To Make Your Parents Happy!


Making someone happy is the best thing you can do!

And what if that someone is the most important part of  your life? Yes your parents!

You know what is the most rewarding feeling in this entire world? Seeing your parents smile and that too because of you.

Here we brings to you 5 simple ways to make your parents happy!

Because they totally deserve it!

And trust me you don’t need a reason to make your parents happy…

Just take out time for them or simply call!

They have given all their life just to make sure we stay happy and we do something in life. We get so busy that sometimes, we even forget to call them. You know what, just a simple phone call can make them smile. Never forget to take out time for your parents, no matter how busy you are. You are what you are today, all because of them, so never forget it! Thank them for everything they have done for you, tell them you appreciate their efforts. It’s not too much to ask right?

Make them feel special and appreciated!

Who doesn’t like genuine compliments? Everyone likes to be appreciated, just make your parents feel special. Never let them feel neglected. Be grateful to them for everything they have done for us. Just make them feel loved and show how much they mean to you. Just the thought that you care for them will magically make them happy!

Just be happy yourself!

This is how selflessly our parents love us! Just seeing their children smile will brighten their day. You know what’s the most special thing about our parents? They don’t really need a reason to love us, they loved us at our worst same way they will treat us at our best. Seeing their children doing well in their life and seeing their achievements genuinely make your parents proud and happy. So simple, right? So be happy yourself and magic will follow to your parents face!

Tell your parents you love them!

Love is felt, sometimes even if you don’t say it, love can still be felt. But sometime expressing your love verbally or by your actions can make anyone smile. Tell your parents you love them, just write a note or send a gift. Make them feel your love and it will make them happy.

Just hug them and tell them-You are there!

I always say, at times we get so busy and lost in growing up, we forget that our parents are growing old too. Just like they have been there for us all their lives, it’s time for us to be there for them. Just hug them and tell them, you are always there for them. I pity those who leave their parents in old age home and forget everything our parents have done for us. Never forget one day we will grow old too.

Just keep spreading happiness, not just to your parents face but every lives you touch.

The world today is full of hate so why not each one of us take a pledge to brighten someone’s day? They can be anyone, your friends, your neighbour or a stranger you just saw on the road.

As they say it’s all about our karma, so why not try and make people around you happy?

And trust me it’s not at all difficult to make someone happy. It all comes from within. You just have to be genuine and willing to spread smiles. Just try it once, trust me you’ll feel happy yourself.

Don’t forget to make your parents smile!

Seeing them smile will be totally worth it 😉

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