This Is What The Vision Of Heavy Drug Addicts Perceive After Their Daily Dose Of Dope!

Vision of heavy drug addicts – Eyes are one of the most important sense organs that exist in the human body.

It is often said that nobody knows if the other person is looking at something just as it is visible to them or they have another different perception about it. Finally we have an answer to this, we figured out what do people see when they are on different types of drugs.

It might make you feel uneasy but we have some pictures which are absolutely the same as what a doped person is able to see when he/sheis high.

So here we go:

Vision of heavy drug addicts

1 – Drunk:

When a person is drunk more than they should be then their vision becomes blur which might change according to different objects they see. These images are in reference to what they see in the normal light hence, any person who is high on alcohol will see something like this.

2 – Cannabis:

Cannabis refers to as herbal drugs which include hash and weed. The person who is tripping on cannabis or is high after a smoke-up will see something like this. The vision might not be called blur but it does become a bit hazy in some cases.

3 – LSD:

Lysergic acid diethylamide is what LSD stands for; LSD is basically an acid which is often called as a psychological drug which is generally supposed to take people in another realm of practical imagination. It is used for the doping purpose and the ones who have taken LSD see objects with color variations and also spherical. Though it is hard to express in words but everything after LSD seems unreal.

4 – Cocaine:

After a person has taken high doses of cocaine they see interrupted images. The vision becomes really disturbing as people often tend to see permanent lines on anything they see which might be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The images are blocked by translucent imaginary lines which are there till the effect of cocaine is there.

5 – Heroine:

People who are on heroine doses see the worst of what their vision can offer to them, their capability of differentiating between colors almost vanishes and they see every object in one hue most of the time after the intake. The vision because color-disoriented and also hazy to a large extent.

This is what the vision of heavy drug addicts perceive after t

These are the vision of heavy drug addicts – Now that you have read the article you know how it ‘looks’ like to be on drugs. These are the real representation of what drug-addicted see after they take their doses. Isn’t it disturbing? Well, it did disturb me a bit and I am happy that I don’t see anything of this sort; I just have a long-distance eye-number which is easily amended by my specs! (Wink)

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