This Video Tribute To Orlando Night Club Killings Hits Just The Right Notes On Homosexuality  

Orlando Night Club Killings

Orlando Night Club Killings!

Homosexuality, as we know is just a feeling of love towards another person of the same sex. So, how hard it is for the world to understand?

It’s love, pure love that resides inside the heart of a person and will not vanish with the likes of you torturing them or questioning their mental stability.

Or if some of you in different corners of the world, like Orlando, think that killing a few from the LGBT community will stop the rest of them, you are living in an illusion.

As far as I understand, if they are brave enough to love someone unusually in this so called ‘Usual’ world then they are not afraid of your bullets.

If they are capable of living in a world that calls them wrong on every step and yet they hold the power to be who they are, then you must know that you might be able to hurt their bodies but not their soul.

Being gay might be an offence as per the laws in some country, but how is it humanly possible for us to call this feeling of love an offense?

No, it’s not an offense.

In fact, it’s something as natural as breathing and the world needs to understand this. It’s not a disease that can be cured nor a revolution that will stop just with the hit of few bullets.

It’s a feeling, a feeling of love and if you are still not able to understand this, watch this video called ‘The Anthem of Love’ and I am sure you will know what I am talking about.

Here is video tribute to Orlando Night Club Killings


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