These Vastu Tips Will Help You Get Money And Wealth !

Vastu tips for wealth

Vastu tips for wealth – In the traditional Hindu system of Architecture, Vastu Shashtra is defined as the “science of architecture”.

There are various texts available that give you detailed pictures of how your home design, plot, layout and directions should be.

The primary reason to follow these principles is to keep Kuber Dev happy. He is the God of Wealth and it is believed that keeping him happy would make him shower wealth on all.

Vastu tips for wealth –

Here are a few effective Vastu tips that will enable you to keep lord Kuber happy and lead a prosperous life.

  • Always keep the North-East portion of your homes free and empty. If you must, put something lightweight there. Do not put heavy machinery or build a staircase there. Keeping it open will attract wealth.
  • If you have a safe or a cash locker, place it on the South-West side so that it faces and open to the North. It is the direction of Lord Kuber and that will enable him to shower wealth on you.
  • Another way to maximize your wealth is to place a mirror in front of the safe or locker. That will give an impression that your wealth has doubled.
  • Do not make curving walls at the North-East corners. Try and make it in right angles.
  • Your roof should be sloping from the South-West to the North-East, so make the SW side higher than the NE side.
  • Avoid putting your cash locker under and beams. That signifies pressure on your wealth and family.
  • Avoid any high rise buildings on the NE corner of your homes as this will lead to loss of wealth. Even if there is a building, ensure that its shadow does not fall on your homes.
  • Do not buy a plot that is lower than the usual elevation of the surrounding areas. Either buy the plot that is higher or at the same elevation.
  • Avoid planting big trees at the NE corner as it obstructs the free flow of wealth.
  • If you can, place a water fountain at the NE corner of your homes. Ensure that the fountain is always running and never dry. Flowing water signifies free flow of positive energy and wealth.

These are Vastu tips for wealth – If you wish to have a happy, positive and prosperous life, follow these tips and keep Kuber Devta happy!
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