7 Under Garments Which Are Way Too Strange For You To Wear Them

weird underwear

Whenever we buy undergarments we make sure that it looks good and at the same time it should be comfortable. We all different preferences for our inner wear.

But will you ever wear a underwear which has  faucet tugging ahead? This is strange question what is more strange that there are such under wear actually exist.

But after our research we found some ludicrous under wears and bras which are not only appear weird but also damn uncomfortable.

Today we have rounded up some Weird Under Garments which are strange looking and of course not at all wearable lingerie and undergarments

  1. Lingerie which is equipped with GPS system

This new line of lingerie was introduce in a bid to track the wearer. In this see through lacy bodice has GPS device installed in the waist area and is introduced as modern day high tech chastity belt. This range suffered severe backlash though. We simply do not know who and why some one came with this ridiculous idea.


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