Top Scariest Ghosts Under The Sky!

Scariest ghosts

Scariest ghosts – Demons and ghosts aren’t unknown to us by now. We live in an age where we deny the existence of such creatures and isolate the groups that believe in their presence. We assume the people having belief in them as crazy.

However, we are instantly terrified when we listen to their real stories so much so that we lose our sleep for couple of days! What is it about these ghosts that make them so creepy?

Here is a list of top 10 most Scariest ghosts around the world! Prepare yourself well as it is just starting getting creepy!

Scariest ghosts around the world –

1 – Vampires

Vampires just fit right when it comes to showing a perfect love story with a deadly twist. More popular as forbidden lovers, these vampires have been shown in various movies and novels. They are known for the ‘blood-sucking’ ability. They also don’t have their own shadows by which it is easy to spot them.

Scariest ghosts

2 – Chudel

A chudel in India is typically identified as ‘the ghost of an unpurified mother’. In most stories, she is described to be sitting on a tree or walking on a lonely deserted road at night. She is both extremely ugly and hideous or extraordinarily beautiful, the kind of beauty you would rarely ignore.

3 – Zombies

Zombies which are commonly seen in Hollywood horror and fantasy stories are undead beings created through human corpses.

Scariest ghosts

4 – Yeti

Yeti or the abnormal snowman is and ape-like creature that is said to inhabit in the Himalayan region. Since the creature looks similar to any wild animal, tourists often are not able to recognize them but the locals are well aware of them and there are stories where the locals have spotted the yeti.

Scariest ghosts

5 – Poltergeist

They are kind of troublesome spirits. These forms are quite capable of hurting people.

Scariest ghosts

6 – Ghouls

This form of spirits have good enough capability on consuming human flesh.

Scariest ghosts

7 – White Woman

All decked up in white, generally this form of ghosts are being found in various parts of the world. Generally this ghost is due to betrayal of husband or sudden death.

Scariest ghosts

8 – Kichkandi

This is one of the famous ghost found in Nepal. These souls tend to swap in the body easily.

Scariest ghosts

9 – Rusalka

The main purpose of this form of Ghost is to seduce young and handsome man and submerge them into water bodies with hair.

10 –  Djinns

This form of ghost is a mixture of good and bad forms. Many a times they tend to help human but they kill people who come in between of them.

Scariest ghosts

These are the most Scariest ghosts in the world. This stories of ghosts are existing worldwide and are enough to give you that sleepless nights.

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