This Girl From Italy Committed Suicide Because Of A Man’s Stupidity

Tiziana Cantone

Tiziana Cantone – A woman dating a lot of men? Oh, she is a SLUT!

A man dating a lot of women? Oh, what a STUD! What kind of mentality is this?

Every human being on the earth is bound to be sexual because they are born with those instincts which are absolutely not under their control. People are so gender-bias these days that they just nag people without having a reasonable explanation to it. This story which came in front of me recently is about a 31 years old woman from Italy, her name was Tiziana Cantone and she committed suicide in her house’s basement one year ago. Why I am talking about her after a year is because I literally don’t want people to forget about her. Her story is definitely going to joltyou to the core.

Tiziana Cantone was ‘popularly’ known as the BLOWJOB GIRL in Italy; there wasn’t even a single man in the entire place who didn’t know her. How she became famous with that name will make you cry for sure. There was a video which was leaked all-over the internet which showed Tiziana giving a blowjob to a man. The man was filming her. In the video Tiziana Cantone was seen saying “Are you filming me? Good”. This statement by Tiziana while giving a blowjob to a man became the focus of many people because that ‘Stud’ type man made the video go viral and it reached the entire Italy in some days. People started slut-shamming her, making memes about what she said in the video, and also sharing the video further.

This made Tiziana Cantone really depressed, she thought of changing her job, her residence and even her name but people couldn’t forget her face as in a matter of days she became the sexiest sexual fantasy of almost all the men of Italy. People used to stare at her, laugh at her etc. She changed a lot of jobs, she changed her residence but people couldn’t get over her video that went viral.

She fought with all the criticism, slut-shaming and humiliation before giving-up and committing suicide in her house’s basement one year back. People forgot about her blowjob and her suicide which is fair enough as time washes away a lot of things but what they never should have really forgotten is the REASON why she committed that painful suicide. People made her do that, they forced her. Nobody came ahead who shamed the man who was getting a blowjob from a girl and making a video of that, nobody asked him why he spread the video, nobody asked people what made them comment on all of what she did.

All they cared about was entertainment, that sort of entertainment which is attained by insulting someone, making them feel guilty about something they shouldn’t really feel guilty about and making it difficult for them to live.

Tiziana Cantone is a practical example of how things are different for women and men even today, in 2017. Though, society is becoming more and more open these days but the inside is still a rot. We as responsible human beings should ensure that no matter what, there should be no woman in the world who deserves to die like Tiziana.

Tiziana Cantone, we are sorry for what happened to you, we are sorry that we forced you to end your life, we are sorry that we weren’t able to save you and we are sorry for being so selfish.

We just want to tell you in our prayers that you were never wrong, it was just how people perceived it, you are the base on which we will structure our fight for equality and freedom.

We will make sure that one day your soul will rest in peace in heaven.

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