Things You Should Never Say To A Writer

Things You Should Never Say To A Writer

Things you should never say to a writer!

We live in a highly creative world where on every step there are people who survive because of their creativity skills and are highly possessive about the same.

One such kind in those people are known as writers. A writer’s mind works 24*7 and it doesn’t mind what time of the day it is, you cannot irritate them with any of your words. Ask any writer and they will tell you.

Oh wait, don’t ask them or you will be killed because there are some things that writers just cannot hear.

And if you are not aware of the things you should never say to a writer, take a look here:

1. ‘What do you really do?’

What do you mean by ‘Really’ do? I mean, isn’t writing a profession or something that you can do for your own happiness and living too? If you understand that writing is as good as any other profession, you’d never ask this again.

2. ‘Where do you steal from?’

I am a bloody writer and think about things, research on them and write it with my own imaginative and creative skills. What makes you think that writers steal their work from here and there?

3. ‘Don’t you get bored?’

Why would I get bored? I live in my own imagination whole day and get paid for writing what I think. What could be better than this, huh?

4. ‘Teach me how to write’

And why would I do that? I am a writer not a professor! Also, you don’t learn to become a writer ever, you have that in you naturally.

5. Do you follow Chetan Bhagat?

First of all, Chetan Bhagat is not an inspiration for any writer in this world. Secondly, why would I follow someone like Chetan Bhagat at all?

These are the things you should never say to a writer. In short, whenever you are around a writer, make sure that you mince your words nicely. Otherwise, you are at your own risk.

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