Is Deepika the right choice for Fast & Furious 7?

The high priestess of the Rs 100-cr club has apparently been finalized to play a pivotal role in the seventh installment of the hit action franchise Fast and Furious.


Yes, she is smoking hot. Agreed that she has a stunning figure. Bang on that her striking pins and dazzling smile are enough to make men get wet dreams. But, sweethearts, she also has a strong Mangalorean accent. And a ‘bokwaas’ one at that.

For those of you looking more confused than a Rohit Shetty movie , let’s give you a quick heads up. The high priestess of the Rs 100-cr club has apparently been finalized to play a pivotal role in the seventh installment of the hit action franchise ‘Fast and Furious’. And we, who love to pounce on such opportunities, are trying to see the merit(ha!) of this selection.

The South Indian girl would be joining the the league of Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan and Tabu, among others, if she takes up this role. But one hopes that the leggy lass doesn’t go the Ash way (read OTT acting and fake unbearable accent) in her Hollywood outing. Even though Mrs Bachchan had quite an important role in ‘Pink Panther’, her school play-esque English and atrocious blonde streaks made her look like an utter fool. Barring the talented Tabu, no other Bollywood heroine has been able to bag a meaty non-stereotypical ‘Indian’ role in Hollywood flicks.


Deepika is a looker, no doubt. But she she doesn’t have the raw sex appeal and ‘you-say-it-I-drop-my-panties’ boldness of Megan Fox. The women in such high-octane movies hardly have anything to do than looking bikini-fit and making out with bulldozer-type men and getting caught in a trap by bigger bulldozer-type men. Can our ‘Meenamma’ pull that off? Will she be comfortable losing her clothes, inhibitions and accent for the gora log? Despite her brazen avatar in ‘Cocktail’, we aren’t convinced if she can go past her modest desi roots to play a sex siren on screen. There are reports floating around that she has been approached to play a scientist in the movie. Oh, please, even scientists walk around semi-naked in such pulp actioners.

But the one advantage that Ms Padukone can feel proud about it is that she has been a part of logic-less, crappy pulp entertainers like ‘Race 2’, and ‘Chennai Express’, so starring in this franchise would be smoother than changing boyfriends for the chic girl. These movies, we are sure, are scripted on the sets with anybody with a basic knowledge of action contributing generously to the plot. It’s like the ‘Race’ series, but a lot smarter and with fewer twists.

Can this athletic girl make her presence felt amid fast cars and faster men? We never thought we would be saying it, but Katrina Kaif (despite her zero-expression face) would have made a better heroine for this drama. Let’s wait for the official announcement from DPad’s PR, so we can indulge in more Hollywood-bashing! Till then, keep watching this space for more updates and do tell us in the comments section if you agree with us or not…

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