Things You Felt, Yet Couldn’t Describe !

Emotions you can feel – If you think emotions are better felt and can’t be expressed ditto, then you aren’t alone in this frame.

Out of myriads of things that happen to you, only a few of them are those you could describe. You say you’re speechless but what if even for that situation a term is there to describe? Well here are few emotions dressed in language and formed words:

Emotions you can feel –

1 – Petrichor:

We all have felt that earthy fragrance after it’s been raining, enjoyed the ambience by peeping out of the windows or playing at swings. Petrichor is that blissful fragrance.

2 – Meraki:

Your work is the art you made, leaving a part of you in it. The essence of self and vigour which you pour into the cauldron of things you do is called meraki.

3 – Selenophile:

Moon has a charm which no eye can deny but only the one seeking love, rejoices. Selenophile is the one who swim deep into the grace of moon and fell in love with it.

4 – Mudita:

Mudita is when you glee on behalf of someone else. Happens usually for kin, beloved or even your pet. You’re happy, not because you’re the source but you feel connected with the source.

5 – Clinomania:

Laziness is something you can hear out of every walking mouth. It is a broad term to describe any particular. Clinomania is a desire to stay in bed. You don’t feel like leaving bed and want to enjoy yourself in it if you’re a clinomaniac.

6 – Hanker sore:

You don’t have to frame a sentence stating you feel jealous when you find someone profoundly captivating, to the extent that it fumes you. ‘Hanker sore’ fits perfect in that case.

7 – Nighthawk:

You must have come across those 2 am talks. When the world lay down peacefully in their beds and take their beauty sleep, a thought keeps you awake, it pings your mind no less than a reminder of a guilt, melancholy, pain, a long list of pending tasks, future which seems no bright and all those blues. It is called Nighthawk.

8 – Adronitis:

Almost every one of you can relate this term when you’re being cot, betrayed or met with any heart break on presenting yourself as an open book to someone before easing much into casual talks. At such point, out of frustration you feel how long it takes you to understand or know someone well.

9 – Rame:

Something which is chaotic and joyous at the same time is rame. As a matter of fact it is subjective, for one it can be merely a source of noise while for others it can be beautiful as well.


10 – Jouska:

Jouska is the hypothetical conversation you often do in your head. You analyse, perceive, comment upon and try to build a connection with people beyond that you do in your practical life.

11 – Mamihlapinatapai:

When it’s about who to initiate, we give a shared look to the person we are expecting to break the silence and express the mutual thought. This look is called mamihlapinatapai

Emotions you can feel – These are the things you all do, yet don’t say. Try to use them and see the magic it brings. You’ll realise how you come out of the phase when you tend to say ‘you’re speechless’. The language is no less than a ocean, every time you dive in, you’ll get a new pearl.

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