Totally Normal Things That Can Get You Arrested In Dubai

Things that can get you arrested in Dubai

Things that can get you arrested in Dubai – If you’re traveling to the neighboring desert country for the first time then you should consider this piece of article seriously!

In spite of being one among the prosperous and expensive places in the world, Indian’s share a special connection with Dubai. A lot of Indians travel to Dubai for a leisure vacation but end up getting bumped into jail for breaking these UAE rules.

Check out some of the weird things that can get you arrested in Dubai.

Things that can get you arrested in Dubai

  1. Men ogling at women in public

While men ogling women in public is not appreciable, but it is considered as a strict taboo in Dubai. Sexual harassment of women or taking pictures of a woman you don’t know in public can put you behind the bars.

  1. Sex outside marriage is considered to be illegal

If you are an unmarried couple travelling to Dubai, you should pretend that you don’t have sex (ask for hotels with twin beds). Sharing physical relationship or having sex without getting married is frowned upon. It is technically termed to be illegal in Dubai.

  1. Photography

While living in Dubai, one important thing you should learn is you’re not allowed to click pictures in public. Yes, you are not allowed to click pictures of people you don’t know and this is especially strict in case of women. The UAE government can take legal action against the person found guilty.

  1. Wrong gestures

Wrong gestures to people can put you behind the bars easily. According to the bizarre rule of Dubai, you should never gesture to a person with just one finger. Using just one finger is considered to be a rude or heartless way to approach a person. So, if you want to show a gesture to someone, you should use your whole hand. This might not only take your behind the bars but also you could be fined for it.

  1. Alcohol consumption

If you’re in Dubai you should keep in mind that alcohol consumption is banned in the majority of the public places. You’re allowed to drink in bars or restaurants but a person drinking alcohol in public may have a hard time dealing with the UAE government. No matter how much you are drunk or where you are, you can be jailed for drunken behavior.

  1. Clothing rules

There are strict rules followed by women and men in Dubai. Females should avoid wearing low cuts, transparent or extremely short clothes. Females should cover their back, stomach and shoulder area. While on other hand, men should cover their chest and underwear should be out of sight. However, these rules are relaxed while sunbathing at beach or swimming pool in Dubai.

These are the things that can get you arrested in Dubai – So, keep these rules in mind before traveling to Dubai for the next time.

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