The Following Are Considered As SEXY In Other Countries !

Things that are considered sexy

Things that are considered sexy – ‘Sexy’ is a very over-rated word in the entire world. Every country, every individual and every piece of information has a different definition of sexy.

Today we won’t talk about individuals but we’ll talk about countries as a whole and what they consider SEXY according to their standards.

These may include cultural, traditional and modern elements but at the end of the day, this is what is called as Sexy in their senses and I am sure, it’s going to shock you to the core.

Things that are considered sexy –

  • Japan- Crooked Teeth: Yes, in our country women get on to put braces on their teeth to align them in a straight line whereas in Japan, crooked teeth are considered as the sexiest thing ever. In fact, people get surgeries done to make their teeth look crooked. Isn’t it bizarre? I mean, considering ‘imperfection’as the most desirable trait of perfection is just so outstanding.

  • West Africa-Scarification: Actually the thing is that Africa has a lot of tribal communities which make it very culturally colorful. In New Guinea part of Africa getting designs through scars is the sexiest thing among tribes. They make scars through painful methods to look stronger, more aggressive and to look beautiful. Do you see this? And you’re bloody crying over your stretch marks!

Things that are considered sexy

  • Mauritania-Excess Weight: Obesity is the reason a lot of people are bullied, are unhealthy and are depressed but you’ll be shocked to that in Mauritania, the heavier and fatter you are the sexier you are considered. Now, the next time you think you’re fat or heavy just remember, that there exist a place where this trait is accepted just like it should be!

Things that are considered sexy

  • Iran- Surgical dressing on the face: This is one of the artificial traits and is practiced quite strictly in Iran in order to look sexy. It involves wearing a surgical bandage on your face preferably on your nose. Well, this one isn’t making any sense to me.

Things that are considered sexy

  • Burma-A long neck: This is a traditional process of sexiness which followed in Burma. According to their measures a woman is sexy if she has a long neck. The longer the neck, the sexier the dame is. For that matter, metal rings are coiled around women’s neck which makes it longer than average. The true reason for this concept was to protect people from tigers and other animal attacks but then, it became a beauty ritual.

Things that are considered sexy

  • Mursi People-Stretched Lips: Women in Mursi part of Ethiopia get big discs inserted into their lower lip which is now considered as a symbol of sexiness. The reason why it was done was that first, they thought that spirits enter body through the mouth and the disk would stop them and the other was to keep women safe from being slaved.

  • Tajikistan-Unibrows: Unibrows are considered as really sexy in Tajikistan and women who have them are really admired a lot. Even the men who have them are considered handsome beyond words. This is cute, like really!

Things that are considered sexy

These are the things that are considered sexy – See, there’s so much in the world that we don’t know and we don’t even consider but the truth is that it’s all about perception and standards which the society has set. Do you now think that all of that matters?

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