6 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Woman When She’s PMSing


Women are adorable, complicated, weird and what not, but there comes a time every month when they become moody as hell.

There is a problem called PMSing that girls suffer from around theirperiods and that stands for pre-menstrual syndrome. This is the time when girls become very moody and if you spit out any stupid thing from your mouth at that time, nothing will be able to save you.

Therefore, save your ass and make sure that you learn these 6 things that you shouldn’t say to a woman when she’s PMSing.

  1. Is this why you are acting weird?

It’s okay if she is PMSing and acting out on things, but blaming it all on her periods isn’t something you’d want to do. Yes, she might have told you all about periods, but that doesn’t mean you will ask her if that’s the reason for her mood swings.

  1. You bleed 5 days and you are still alive.

Really? This line expired the day you were born and you are still using it to impress your girl. Guess what? It has an equally opposite impact on her and if you say these lines, she might strangle you with whatever she finds and leave you bleeding for 5 days.

  1. How are you wearing white?

So, just because I am bleeding red down, doesn’t mean I will wear only dark colours. If I feel like wearing white, I will wear white and you just cannot question my choice. Got it?

  1. You just had your period.

Period doesn’t inform us before coming in and it’s your responsibility to not make us wonder over the dates. Usually we get it only once a month but at times our vaginas over react and leave us with a little more sometimes.

  1. Don’t run so much.

First of all, this is 21st century. And secondly, she can do whatever she wants to because it’s her vagina that’s bleeding. So, stop telling her to not move so fast or to not run because she has got what she needed to do everything and stay intact.

  1. It’s okay!

No, she doesn’t want to hear it’s okay because it’s not. Her periods are killing her and it’s time for you to understand that pain and help her out.

Now that you know everything she will hate listening from you when she’s PMSing, make sure you are aware about all of them.


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