7 Things Guys Must Learn About Lingerie

things guys must learn about lingerie

Things guys must learn about lingerie – Some guys may feel like lingerie is a girl’s business and they have no say in it and don’t even need to know about them.

Well, they are wrong. Lingerie is as much a guy’s business as it’s of a girl.

After all, you are the one who keep demanding for different colours and patterns, don’t you?

And remember how you crave for that hot black la senza your girlfriend wears on a date night? Yeah, now don’t you think you need to know a bit about lingerie too?

Okay, not too much, but here are 7 things guys must learn about lingerie.

Things guys must learn about lingerie

  1. Girls love cotton and lace.

As much as you love to see them in those corsets and push-ups, girls love their simple cotton or lace lingerie. They are already so burdened with different things; a bra needs to be something they feel comfortable in.

  1. Those wild pieces are only for special occasions.

As said above, comfort is the key for lingerie but that doesn’t come for the slutty stuff. That’s the reason if your girl is wearing something wild and too much, know that she has come with a purpose.

  1. No, they don’t match it every day.

Maybe everytime you have taken a sneak peek into your girlfriend’s clothes, you saw them wearing matching lingerie. But they don’t do it every day, it’s just because you are there to check them out. Usually, they wear whatever they get their hands on.

  1. There are so many varieties, you won’t understand.

The only thing you know is a push-up bra or a baby doll suit or maybe thongs, but believe me, there are so many categories that you won’t be able to learn about them in one single day. So, don’t even try.

  1. It’s more expensive than their rest of the clothes.

Your girl’s lingerie is not like your vest that you buy without even looking at anything apart from size. Girls look out for everything from fitting to fabric to design to category to coverage and what not. Trust me, lingerie shopping is not easy.

  1. Girls want you to complement their lingerie.

Your girlfriend won’t ask you again and again, but that doesn’t mean you will forget to complement their lingerie. Seriously, you don’t even know how much time and effort they put in selecting those babies.

  1. It’s more than just coverage.

Girls know that they need lingerie in their life as much as oxygen and they don’t take it lightly. That’s the reason why they keep their lingerie as one of the most prized possession in their life.

These are the things guys must learn about lingerie – Now that all the important points have been told, we hope you have learnt what you needed to about lingerie.

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