6 Things You Can Do When You Are Stuck In Traffic

stuck in traffic

Getting stuck in traffic is a terrible thing.

You are stuck inside a vehicle and have no option but wait for the signal to turn green.  If you live in a city, this is something you must be experiencing on a regular basis. You lose out on a lot of time everyday because of traffic jams. If you sit down and calculate the amount you time to lose at the end of a month, it will make you aghast. Now, escaping traffic is not possible. It is something you have to deal with. But, while you are at it, you can do a lot of productive and interesting things too.

Here are 6 things you can do when you are stuck in traffic.

When you are stuck in traffic –

  1. Watch a movie

If you love watching movies but do not get much time to do so because of your busy schedule, now is the time to do it. Nothingcan beat the experience of watching a film in a theatre but if you cannot make time for a movie outing, you can watch a film while you are on thego or when you are stuck in a traffic jam. Pull out your smartphone, switch on the internet connection and watch a film you have been wanting to for long. You can finish watching the film in parts every time you are stuck in a jam.

  1. Have your food

A lot of young people pack their meals in a tiffin box and carry it to their office. If you are one of them, instead of waiting for lunch hour at the office or looking for some other time to have your meal, have it now while you are waiting inside the car. If you are hungry and did not have it at home because you were getting late for work, you could not have got a better opportunity for the same. Just do the whole thing a little quickly. You never know when the signal turns green and you need to get going.

stuck in traffic

  1. Get done with the phone calls

Your work schedule does not leave you with enough time to talkto your friends. There are times when they call you but you find it difficult to reciprocate their call as you are caught up with work. Then, there are your colleagues or people you need to call for work purpose. If you are sitting idle inside the car and have nothing else to do, utilise this time to call all these people. The longer you arestuck in the jam, the longer you get to talk to your friends.

stuck in traffic

  1. Plan your day

Most of us end up going through a bad day because we do not plan it well. A lot of people do not agree to this and find it something difficult for adults to do but planning your day goes a long way in ensuring that you manage to do everything you intend to do in a day and do not miss out on any activity or task. It makes youa more disciplined person and helps you focus on your work for a particular day.

stuck in traffic

  1. Read a book

Books will never go out of fashion no matter how many things we manage to achieve in the field of technology. It is also true that in today’s times, when we so many options to engage ourselves with, reading a book is not something that comes to our mind instantly when we are getting bored. Always carry a book when you are travelling to a short distance. Not just traffic, you will encounter several moments in a day where you will not have much to do.You can use that time to read a book.

stuck in traffic

  1. Sleep

A lot of people end up dozing off when they are stuck in traffic. If you are driving the vehicle yourself, make sure that you are alert when you are whiling away time in traffic. If the vehicle is being driven by a chauffeur, just stretch your body on the seat and take a power nap. Most of us lead the kind of life that leaves us with little time to rest. Catch up on some sleep before the signal turns green and the chauffeur drives you to your destination.

stuck in traffic

Do not complain about being stuck in traffic on your way to college or work.  This is one of the perils of living in a city and something which you have no control over. What you do have a control over is how you utilise the time you are stuck in a jam. Utilise this time in a productive way and you will have lesser reasons to complain about.

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