Tea Vs Coffee! Know Which Is Healthy According To Science!

Tea and Coffee

Nothing can beat Tea and Coffee !

In fact these have became the most important part of our lives.  We see a lot just addicted to it so much that they start their good morning with a cup of coffee or tea. Either of them, but of them – sure!!

We must have also seen a lot of people debating about the health matters of these two favourite beverages. So, here we present you the various scientific aspects of these both.

Take a look, here Tea and Coffee!

  1. Amount of caffeine

Coffee contains more caffeine, when compared to that of tea. This being high on caffeine leads to cholesterol problems, digestion trouble.  Contrasting to this tea is helps in lowering high blood pressure in the body.

  1. Alertness

They are many that think that the high amount of caffeine in coffee lets you be alert. But the various studies show different set of facts. Tea is the better source for alertness over coffee. Not all this, it also helps in setting great focusing capacity to you.

  1. Immunity concerns

Tea works amazingly for boosting the immune system in the body and also prevents the nerves and cells damage.

  1. Cholesterol and digestion

Various studies show that unfiltered coffee has risk of high cholesterol in it and also said to be a major cause for the stomach related problems due to its acidic properties. Whereas tea has good health benefits like reducing the high blood pressure in the body.

  1. Cancer fighting properties

Tea is loaded with antioxidant which has many great health properties that help in preventing the dreadful disease of cancer, too.

Tea and Coffee – so, these were some pros and cons that are put forth on the scientific grounds and unbiasedly. By this, I am sure you could all decide what to be chosen over what!

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