How Social Media Can Change Your Personality For Worst!

Social Media Websites have their pros and cons. While they can boost someone’s morale, they can also dampen spirits. We discuss the ill effects these websites have and how they can change one’s personality.

Registration with Social Media Websites is a common affair.

Not having an account on a platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and more, may raise eyebrows.

From sharing the smallest happening to the greatest achievements, people use these websites for multiple activities.

Facebook, for instance, is a podium to increase business prospects and it can also satiate the thirst of the attention-seeking clan.

These websites also have many negative aspects that can discourage the member and affect his or her individuality.

We discuss how Social Media is demoralizing its users and influencing their overall personality.


These portals are a great way to keep in touch with your loved ones and a boon for long-lost friends. With time, these websites become an addiction and users have an urge to constantly check for updates. In fact, Social Media Addiction is a clinical term. This obsession leads to people getting detached from their families and they may also become loners in the ‘real world.’ 

Affect on Self-Esteem:

The most common use of these websites is sharing of photographs and updating one’s status. However, it does not end here. The ‘competition among friends’ for ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ starts from this point! A study shows that these ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ give a boost to the morale of the user. Not getting compliments may lead to low self-esteem as users compare their low adulation with friends who are flooded with praises. Hence, on the one hand these sites are confidence enhancers for some, and on the other they are also a source of depression for the rest. 

War of Words:

Online feuds are very common on Social Networking Sites. One comment can aggravate the sentiments of the other leading to a war of words. There have been cases of these fights turning into verbal abuses, and physical combats too. The defeated user gets dispirited, leading to anxiety disorders, suicide attempts, and more. Ironical or idiotic it may sound, but it is true to the core. Well educated and elderly people have been found getting involved in such disputes rising over social media and ruining lives. 

Engagement Announcements and Breakups:

Earlier engagements and breakups were private affairs, but these days such announcements are an important aspect of a social media update. While engagements of friends can make you feel there is something inappropriate with your love life, your own breakups and the consolations you get can make you feel worse. People even choose social media to display the most intimate sentiments of love and affection towards spouse or lover.

Professional Life:

While your Facebook profile can land you a job, it can also take away the existing one! The bosses may judge the candidate based on the activities on these sites and one may land up losing or not getting a job. An unstable professional life will certainly affect one’s personal life, as well as one’s basic nature.

Our purpose is not to dampen the spirits of our readers who are active on social media. We only aim to highlight the disadvantages of these websites, and the harm they cause, especially when over-used or when they become an addiction.

All the technology is brought to light to facilitate a progressive world. But if the progression starts to get converted into dilapidation, we definitely need to make a check of rights, wrongs and sensible limits.

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