6 Success Stories Of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Will Make Every Indian Proud

  1. Women, Eunuchs  and Many Big Companies have taken the lead and are bringing change at lightning speed.

Areas like Madhya Pradesh have roped in third gender members as well in to the drive and this has yielded great results as well. Another great example is of Oontkar village where ladies have taken the onus of clean environment.  Many gatherings and events are conducted by village women.

They have even composed song called ‘Mere ghar mein sauchalya banao piya jee’ (Please build a toilet in my house, my beloved). Isn’t that morale boosting?

Many private companies too like Dabur, TCS, Indian Oil and several others took pledge to support the mission. Many have donated crores to fund as well as built germ free toilets.


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