Stop whining Mr Defence Lawyer!

Your statement, Mr Lawyer, is nothing but old water on their hopes, much with playing the poor card.

On the night of December 16, 2012, a 23 year old paramedic was raped inside a moving bus and left on the roadside with fatal injuries by six brutal men. The verdict was delivered today after nine months by the fast track court hearing the case holding all the men involved guilty.

The nation never came out of the shock the horror story told. And the defence lawyer went on telling media that his clients were innocent men who were denied justice because they were poor and that the pressure mounting on the politicians was responsible for it.

Mr Defence lawyer, nothing can be more appalling than this. We do understand the obligation when you are defence for the criminals but we do not understand when you defy logic and the verdict by honourable judges to stay that you are harbouring innocents under your wing.

For God’s sake, the girl was murdered. The police presented all the evidence it can. Nothing has been secret in this case.

Well you may have your right to appeal to a higher court but you lost the battle the day when two of your clients turned public witness. It has been their confessions which actually led to the confirmation of charges.

Countrywide protests and rallies, some violent police action, tiring work throughout the trial and passing of several amendments to strengthen the laws related to sexual violence and offences is what took the country to get the justice delivered. And pressurising the government to do good, is what democracy is for. You must be aware of this Mr Lawyer.

So rather than extending this charade and giving lame statements, maybe it is time you accepted that you lost against millions of women.

The rape cases have actually gone up and the conviction of these men will send a strong message among the masses. There are thousands of women and parents awaiting justice and this verdict will give them hope. It will also strengthen the faith in police and judiciary. One will be able to find solace in the system even in the worst scenarios, thinking that justice awaits him.


Your statement, Mr Lawyer, is nothing but old water on their hopes, much with playing the poor card. We all know that your poor men were celebrating their friend’s birthday with expensive liquor on that bus but shame that their idea of fun was violating a women’s integrity and committing a murder.

And you should have stopped complaining the day when you took up the case. You were not thinking of winning when you decided to defend the guilty. You very well knew that the judgement will work on proof. So you should have been ready for the verdict. Was it just the media attention that you were seeking?

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