FIRKI By Teach For India: Building A Teaching Culture Of Excellence

The main purpose of a teacher education programme is to develop a healthy attitude, trending educational necessities, and broad interests and values. FIRKI, an initiative by Teach For India…

In the recent decades, the process of learning has been undergoing drastic changes.

There has been a shift towards student centered classrooms with teacher’s role more as a promoter of learning rather than a source of learning. New experiments are being tried out in classrooms which includes personality development of a student, unlike in the past when a teacher was entrusted with explaining the contents of curriculum to a passive audience of students.

While an acute deficit is observed when it comes to skilled and qualified teachers in schools, one of the major reasons well-off schools are switching to usage of technological advancements in the field of education is because of the incompetency of the teaching kind. Candidates are trained for about a period of one year after graduation, to make them eligible for teaching, effective teaching session being reduced to eight or nine months.

The main purpose of a teacher education programme is to develop a healthy attitude, trending educational necessities, and broad interests and values, for which eight months of time is not enough.

FIRKI, an initiative by Teach For India, is an online teacher training portal  that celebrates the art of teaching.

As a small step towards understanding what an individual needs to be a good teacher, FIRKI intends to support you as a teacher through an interactive procedure.

The team at FIRKI strongly believes that the process of learning and teaching must not be hindered by language barriers, so they offer the training program in different languages, English and Hindi being offered currently. FIRKI, as the official website describes it, is for any teacher who wants to learn, loves to teach, and is committed to providing best opportunites for each of their students.


There are not many platforms that give you the opportunity to evaluate your own learning process. That, is what makes FIRKI different from the others. You can sign up by filling a simple form and starting your learning process. With an abundance of videos and strategies, you get to learn what’s new in the world of teaching. Take assessments, practice quizzes, earn points and badges, and finally judge your own performance. You can even register your school on FIRKI, so as to help all your colleagues get proper teacher training.

There are a total of eight courses offered on the portal– Vision of excellence, Conceptual Math, Basic english, Goal setting, Planning and preparation, Personality development, Investment and finally classroom practice.

You can take your evaluation tests as many times as you wish to, and once you’ve achieved your best in all the eight courses, you’re given a certificate of completion from Teach For India.

Teaching forms the base of what future generations will get to learn. An excellent way of empowering teachers, which will help provide excellent education to all children of India, FIRKI focuses on the ‘how’ of teaching rather than ‘what’ of teaching.

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