Snapchat CEO Is Honeymooning Like A King In A Magical Island

Snapchat CEO honeymoon

Snapchat CEO honeymoon – It is very common in India and is a known fact to many people that we spend a lot of money for our weddings but end up with nothing left for the newly married couple to have a fantastic honeymoon.

You are always ready to spend for those guests who just come down to your wedding for just few hours, but what about your special day after wedding. It is once in a lifetime that you spend your honeymoon with your spouse. All this is just to keep the guests happy.

But we have a special couple here who is spending their honeymoon in a magical island.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel along with his beloved wife Miranda Kerr is spending a splendid honeymoon in Fiji. They have just broke the stereotypes of big fat weddings.

Here are some more details about Snapchat CEO honeymoon –

Snapchat CEO honeymoon –

  • There is an exotic island in Fiji named Laucala Island. This couple is spending some nice time at this island these days.
  • This is a exclusive island in Fiji with just twenty five private villas in it. Isn’t it as special as these celebrity couples are?
  • Each Villa has its own pool to enjoy and swim.
  • 18 hole golf course is also present in that island
  • You will also be able to enjoy some fantastic spa at this island.
  • One night charge of this villa starts at Rs 8 Lakhs to 36 Lakhs which means 12,800 to 60,000 US dollars.
  • One of the most popular billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz owns this island and the Villas. He is the co-founder of Red Bull as well.
  • This couple were allotted the private villa of Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz.
  • This island has a huge coconut plantatin around the island.
  • You know what is more amazing about this island? The Volcanic mountains around the island is the highlight.

Snapchat CEO honeymoon – Feeling jealous right? It is not just you, but many celebrities also feel envy for this couple. Have a look at this amazing place where they are enjoying their honeymoon.

Snapchat CEO honeymoon

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