5 Reasons Why It’s Best To Have A Boyfriend Elder Than You

boyfriend elder than you

I am sure you must have been observing since childhood that guys are usually elder than the girl in a relationship.

Though the trend has changed recently, a majority of couples still follow the same pattern. To be honest, I believe in the pattern too. After all, there are a lot of great things about having a boyfriend who is elder than you. Don’t you think so?

Well, have a look at the 5 reasons why it’s best you have a boyfriend elder than you and you may think the same way.

Why is it better to have boyfriend elder than you –

1. He is mature

Researchers say that girls get mature faster than the guys and that means, the guy who is the same as yours or younger than you is not as mature as you are. So, it’s better to have someone who is at least 3-4 years elder than you to bridge the gap.

2. He is more protective

A guy elder than you will always be more protective about you as compared to a younger guy. Well, he has probably seen the world more than you and he knows how to keep you in that protective zone.

3. He is settled

This doesn’t apply if you are planning on getting married after 30’s but before that, your boyfriend needs to be elder than you. Well, guys do take time in getting settled and accept it or not, it does matter to you.

4. You can play the ‘you are elder’ card

I know that’s kind of wicked but come on, it’s good to play that ‘you are elder’ card. Especially when you guys end up in a blunder and you want to put it all on him. Yeah, he won’t be able to tackle that.

5. Because your parents would want that

We all want our parents to like the guy we love and it’s the safest option to be with a guy 3-4 years elder than you. Because that’s what your parents will be looking for as they believe only a guy elder than you can take care of you in the perfect way.

There is no harm in dating a younger guy too, but there are some amazing perks of having a boyfriend elder than you. Well, if your boyfriend is elder than you, just embrace this awesome feeling with love.

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