You Can Get Cancer From Cigarettes! But I’m From BJP And I Don’t Care! Hail The Ruling Party!

MP BJP Dilip Kumar Gandhi

So we have selected our dear government with great hopes and with thumping majority!

What do we get in return?

We get some highly corrupt or simply put, some idiots in the name of MPs whose only objective in life is to put their foot in their mouth and treat the average citizen of this country as a brainless cucumber!

Sorry to say, the citizen of this country is aware and quite intelligent not to take shit in the name of welfare or citizen-concerning schemes which are actually harmful!


We are talking about the BJP MP from Maharashtra Dilip M Gandhi who is also the head of a Parliamentary Committee on Subordinate Legislation for giving a statement which requires the English dictionary to invent a better word than mindless idiot to use for him!

The government wanted recommendations from this committee to decide whether to increase the specified size of pictorial warning on the packing of tobacco products from 40% to 85% so as to warn the buyers of the potential harmful effects of tobacco consumption. It was supposed to come into effect from Apr’ 2015, but for this man and his senseless recommendations to the government, such an advisory has been postponed!

What this man says is even though there countless studies all across the world, proving that tobacco consumption is hazardous for our health and is one of the primary reasons for causing cancer, we can’t rely on them as those studies have not been done on Indian citizens!

Now first of all this so-called educated gentleman must have got his degrees by paying bribe since he is simply unaware or blind to see availability of so much of research material in the context of Indian citizens about tobacco’s harmful impact. Secondly, even if, hypothetically we believe that we don’t have enough research on Indian patients, does it mean that we as Indians are a different breed than the rest of the human population? If tobacco is harmful for the rest of the world who inhale the same air, eat the same kind of food, has a similar genetic composition as us, it can’t be harmful to us as we were made from a different mould? Well, as of now, this MP seems to have been made of a different and highly defective mould to be not even listening to what crap he is vomiting out in broad daylight!

Wake up Mr. Gandhi, use your pea-sized brain and not think only about your growing by the second bank balance, but about humanity at large and talk sense! Don’t listen to only tobacco lobbies and be their slave! You have got the mandate to serve people and their best interest; don’t blow it away for your self-serving interests!

Hope the government doesn’t listen to such nincompoops and take sound logical decisions to save our coming generations from the menace of tobacco! It would be better to not give such people any position to torture the common man, rather zip their mouth and get their psychiatric treatment done!

He needs it badly!

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