Self Defence Weapons Which We Carry Everyday But We Don’t Know how To Use Them !

Self defence weapons

Self defence weapons – The saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

The times we are living in now are not only unpredictable but dangerous too. Not at all time do you find people who are ready to help you in times of need. You have to think of your own safety, even in the most trying of times. You have to take care of yourself when under attack.

Given below is a list of regular day-to-day Self defence weapons which we carry everyday.

Self defence weapons –

  • Hairspray and Sanitizers

Even if you do not have a hair spray, a hand sanitizing gel or lotion can work as a brilliant weapon. When sprayed into the eyes, they will make eyes burn like they are on fire. That will give you the scope to attack maim your attacker and even run away. For a sanitizer, either you squirt some in the eyes of an attacker. If not, put some on your hands and rub in into the attackers eyes.

Self defence weapons

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