Science Is No Less Than Magic! Here’s What It Revealed About Plants! It’s Shocking!


Science is magic.

The way magic works, when the evident is only at the surface and the working forces behind it are hidden underneath, science works exactly like that.

There are many miracles of science that are yet to be revealed. And modern science is somewhere catching up with the studies and findings of the ancient probes.

One of them talks about the hidden powers of plants that are not visible to the human eye. All we know plants can bear fruits, they can feel the touch and they can react to environment. But plants and their powers have a different ground all together.

One of the ancient sciences discovered that plants possess a form of rudimentary intelligence. They can think and remember too.

A modern provocative research paper from 2010 published in Plant Signaling & Behavior proposes that since plants cannot escape environmental stresses the way animals do, therefore they have developed a “sophisticated, highly responsive and dynamic physiology,” which includes information processes such as “biological quantum computing” and “cellular light memory” which could be described as different forms of plant intelligence.

This particular study has been titled as, “Secret Life of Plants: From Memory To Intelligence.

The study also highlights one particular “super power” of plants indicative of their success as intelligent beings. It also proposes certain observations to support their findings. Where they pointed out that there are some species of plants and trees that germinated naturally before Christ, but they continue to grow in the same places even after hundreds and thousands of years. What gives them the wisdom to choose the same place and the understanding that they can survive in that environment only?

Well, researchers say that the plants work as computing devices! Yes, it is shocking but it is true as per science. They have the capability to store information and they can be devised as biological quantum computing machines. This gives them the ability to process the information encrypted in light intensity and the energy that they absorb from it. They use the spectral composition of light and absorb This is how they store or memorize the information and make it available for reprocessing as and when needed.

So basically, the crux of the study is that “Plants can actually think and remember”

Amazing isn’t it?

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