These 10 Ridiculous Products That Should Never Exist On Planet Earth !

These 10 Ridiculous Products That Should Never Exist On Planet Earth !

Ridiculous products – The world is full of strange and ridiculous things, most of which are not even useful to people.

Whether these things have always existed or just begun to exist is beyond our knowledge. The real question is, whose idea was it to manufacture these ludicrous things and worse still, who are the ones who decided that they were useful enough to be in the markets.

Let’s find out what these ridiculous products are.

Ridiculous products –

  • Keyboard Slippers

They are like any other slippers but well, they are shaped in the form of a computer keyboard. No, it is not a keyboard print. It’s a keyboard with all the keys. Please don’t ask!

  • Facebook flavored ice-cream

I cannot even pretend to be stumped out. What will it taste like, really? I can understand the color, but what is the flavor!!!

ridiculous products

  • Louis Vuitton Rifles

As if Louis Vuitton’s clothing and fashion line wasn’t enough, they started manufacturing rifles. I still cannot calculate the need for these ridiculous things.

ridiculous products

  • Converse Sneaker Pants

They are one piece, literally. Starting off as normal converse sneakers, they continue as pants, tied in front with shoe-laces. Just one query. Who is going to wear them?

ridiculous products

  • Snickers in Tomato Sauce

I am wondering how high or how drunk someone had to be to have had this idea!

ridiculous products

  • Poop hat

Again, I cannot think of a single reason as to why someone would wish to invent something so ridiculous and gross at the same time!

ridiculous products

  • Toilet paper earrings

I don’t know why someone would humiliate themselves by wearing these things voluntarily!

ridiculous products

  • Instant underpants

I cannot even begin to comprehend the purpose of these. So, riddle me this. The underpants we buy, do they have to be baked first, now?!

ridiculous products

  • Poopy-time fun shapes

I don’t know what kind of disgusting and perverted pedophile would invent such a thing at all!!!! He should be hanged!

ridiculous products

  • Sock sandals

So, we are supposed to put these on over the shoes, then? Otherwise, how would people know what an intelligent invention this was, isn’t it?

ridiculous products

These are the ridiculous products – Honestly guys, you should be honored with the Nobel Prize for stupidity!!!