RBI Planning To Launch Rs. 200 Notes Soon?

200 rupee notes

200 rupee notes – With the demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, which was announced on November 8, 2016, the whole country was in uproar.

The rich and the poor, for a few days, had come together as one due to the lack of money.

ATMs in every nook and corner of the streets were teeming with people desperate for money. It took a lot of time for the whole fiasco to settle down and for everyone to start leading normal lives.

The banks, particularly the Reserve Bank of India or RBI, have been of huge help during these times of crisis.

The Governor of RBI, Urjit Patel, has been very helpful to the whole of India. However, all your monetary struggles (if you are having them still now) might just come to an end as RBI is probably planning to launch new 200 rupee notes. When we contacted the Mint, a little birdie told us that the printing of new 200 rupee notes is slated to begin in June. We will be able to see 200 rupee notes in the end of the year.

A source was heard to say that everything will be on hold till the Central Government gives its nod as without that sanction, the note-printing process would not materialise. The publicity department of RBI however commented that it was not possible to make any statements on the news as this decision is still subject to further discussions and speculations. The new 200 rupee notes will also come with additional security features, apart from the normal ones. These are being added to completely stop theft and also to avoid the production of fake notes.

Another report informs that 1000 rupee notes may be making a comeback to the currency lot. The new 1000 rupee notes will be installed with high-end security features.

RBI, however, has been unresponsive about the whole issue.

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