5 Quotes That Truly Define Your Heartbreak

Quotes that define heartbreak

Quotes that define heartbreak – When our heart is hungry, it buys lies and inevitably gets hurt in the process. The pain wears thin with time but the sting remains.

People, who are sucker for love, often impulsively enter wrong relationships only to end up with a broken heart. But the worse thing is, we never see it coming when we are in the middle of the relationship, happy. As soon as the honeymoon phase ends, the rewarding feeling is replaced by expectations and when not responded, the heart is broken in myriad pieces.

Here are a few Quotes that define heartbreak and one can simply relate to. These quotes rather give you courage to retrieve your self-respect from the breaking point.

Quotes that define heartbreak :

Whenever break-up, a part of us still wants to have the things running the way they were. Letting go is really difficult and we want to meet the person again at some point of time in future to find out how they are doing without us.

Heartbreaks are a part of life. Even if someone leaves us, the life doesn’t stop, we should keep living for the other people who love us and build us up again.

This quote is really apt because weeping for the past and holding onto it makes us bigots. Life always has its surprises, we better look forward.

It’s a brutally honest quote about heartbreak. When the relationship is in the verge of breaking, we can completely sense that, but it still kills us no matter what.

Strong women can definitely relate to this. Women who devote all their energy in a relationship, definitely want to build their man up but a deceitful person will go weak on his knees seeing her emotional strength and do every possible effort to break her than to encourage.

These are the Quotes that define heartbreak  –  We really hope these quotes leave a healing touch on your broken heart.

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