Pride And Hoax: The First Man On The Moon Was Faked?


Since decades of creating history by NASA, there had always been a backbiting claiming that The Apollo never landed on Moon and it was faked inside a studio, the first man on the moon was faked.

A lot of speculations against the America landing on moon has been made and it seems there has an interesting logic behind the speculations.

Hardcore of people believed that Apollo 11 and the related scene has been faked and Neil Armstrong followed by his two mates, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin never saw the moon by their naked eyes and purpose of faking was due to irritation of Russia and testing the loyalty of people involved in covering the biggest news in history of earth.

First conspiracy is that of the waving American flag that had been placed on the moon. Moon has no air and still the flag was flapping. While NASA forfeited the accusation saying that there is something called momentum and inertia.

Secondly, no stars have been visible in the sky from the moon. It seemed as a big black curtain wrapped around the studio while NASA debated saying that caused due to huge amount of light moon is evaporating from the sun and thus, camera could not capture stars.

One of the famous criticism is that a letter C is found engraved in a stone from the moon.

Allegedly suggested that the letter C is often used in Hollywood to signify the centre of the frame in a photographic subject.

NASA maintained their debate simply blaming the photographic developer playing a practical joke while few critics claims that it can be a tangled stray hair but questions still raises that how can a hair be found on moon.

The conspiracy theorists suggest that the acclaimed film director Stanley Kubrick was approached by US government to hoax the moon landing, which is believed that Kubrick was approached after his release 2001: Space Odyssey after NASA came to appreciate the stunning realism of the film’s out space scenes.

Many more paradoxes such lay to explain the hoax of NASA landing on moon and yet somehow, still today, it is felt whether the education that taught us the might of people of the globe since the first alphabets we learnt sustaining many stories still holds practicality or those are just a scam which pertains to make believe the bitter fact that the world rests in the bosom of a black hole in itself.

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