Top Places to Celebrate New Year

Places to celebrate new year

Places to celebrate new year – This is the right time to begin the New Year Celebration.

But, are you still confused about places to celebrate new year – where to plan the New Year vacation? Fortunately, the world is beautiful enough to please you. In fact, you must visit some of the Places to celebrate new year – places which are famous for the New Year Celebration.

Now, the last month of the year is around the corner and you must be making New Year Celebration plans. But, they are not working out for some or the other reason?

So, firstly, understand that these vacations mean music, dance, fun, and food. Thus, plan a trip where you have a combination of all these things. Still confused? Worry not as we have brought the list of top Places to celebrate new year.

Places you Must Visit for New Year Celebration 

Places to celebrate new year –

1 – Sydney, Australia

This capital city of New South Wales province in Australia is the first one to welcome the New Year. Be here and witness the most amazing fireworks in the world. The famous Sydney Harbor and Sydney Opera House lighten up in the evening and set the stage on fire. In fact, more than one million people witness the first New Year celebration of the world here. Another important reason to be here is the firework. The Sydney exhibits the world’s largest firework when the clock hits the midnight time. Apart from this, people here enjoy the waterfront show and air show. All these shows display aerial acrobatics. These shows believe to purify the evil spirit from the atmosphere and makes it offers a fresh start. Being the beachside city, this place holds a lighting parade of nearly 50 illuminated boats at the Sydney Harbor.

Top Places to Celebrate New Year

2 – Time Square, NYC

Make a visit to the New York City for New Year Celebration this year. Experience the world-famous musician and ball drop event on the New Year this time and cherish the memories forever. This ball drop celebration includes a 12-foot wide crystal ball that glorifies the Times Square. People gather here in huge numbers and it creates a chaos like atmosphere. Thus, we suggest you pre-book a table at any restaurant near to this place. You will get an awesome aerial view of the New Year Celebration.

3 – London

Witness the New Year Celebration at this royal city and enjoy some quality time. The ten-minute light show on the Thames River attracts people from across the world. Also, the beautiful lightening on the famous London Eye, The House of Parliament and the secondary scenery is worth watching during this time. The London city is known for its fun-loving culture. Thus, people here are soaked in ringing the New Year with full enthusiasm. In fact, the royal Queen’s horse parade and the marching contingent enhance the spirit of New Year Celebration.

4 – Las Vegas

This city is the capital of Celebration. The loud music and live performances by various bands set the mood for New Year Celebration. Apart from this, you can make a visit to various clubs and casinos that hold New Year Celebration events. The rooftop bars and the ambiance of hotels make you feel like a wild party. So, be in Las Vegas and experience the New Year Celebration like never before.

5 – Walt Disney World

Enjoy celebration at the Walt Disney World and experience the joy of being a kid. Here you can enjoy time with family as the Disney World stays open till 1 am during this time. Also, the place offers various fun-loving activities that include Jingle Jungle Parade and Soleil Performances. Be here and witness the most amazing and impressive laser light show of the world. This show takes place few minutes before the strike of the midnight hour.

6 – Paris

Be one of the visitors at the world-famous Eiffel Tower and experience the stunning show of lights here. Also, be in this City of Lights and mesmerize in the beauty of fireworks display that takes place here in Paris. Other than this, you can have a quite dinner on cruise at also offers an amazing view of fireworks in the sky. You can also enjoy the New Year Celebration by offering peg on the cheeks of your beloved as people here in Paris do.

7 – Vienna

This shopping city has a different style of New Year Celebration. The people here attend New Year’s Fairs at the City Center. You can also enjoy drinking wine throughout the day till the fireworks declare the start of New Year. Apart from this, be here at the Wiener Prater Fair that showcases firework at the stroke of midnight. Lastly, don’t miss being at the City Hall for witnessing the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year Concert. The concert takes place particularly during the New Year Celebration here in Vienna. Thus people pour in from across the world to enjoy this concert.

8 – Miami

Miami is famous for their beaches. But, you must visit this place for the New Year Celebration that won’t differentiate between the celebrities and the common people. The mood for the party sets in the evening here. As the famous Bayfront Part dips into firework that goes till the midnight hour. Enjoy yourself at the South Beach, where the Lumus Park throws a party till late night. The firework and the live music set the mood for the party too. Those looking for a quiet New Year Celebrations can enjoy dinner at restaurants that offer the combination of some great music and delicious food.

9 – Cape Town, South Africa

This city holds a three-day event for New Year celebration. On the first day, enjoy the concert at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront. This concert showcases fireworks in the evening. The second day includes playing music on the carnival-themed train. On the third day, the city streets get soaked with more than 10,000 performers who sing and dance in the entire city. This event is also known as the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival.

10 – Rio De Janeiro

Be the witness to the world’s largest New Year Celebration that takes place here in Rio De Janeiro. People here wear the traditional dress that covers the entire body in a white colored cloth. The city offers bright and colorful show of dance and music. People here enjoy the New Year Celebration on the sands of various beaches. So be here and experience different type of celebration mood.

These are the top ten places to celebrate new year. This trip means being a part of a royal and exquisite celebration that takes place in different parts of the world. In fact, you will cherish the memories of this year’s celebration for a long time. So, pack your bags and leave for your favorite destination among these places.

All these places have a different mood for celebrating New Year. Therefore, take time out from your busy schedule and enjoy time with your family this New Year.

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