Pawar hitting PM for NaMo: A real fallout or 2014 elections strategy against BJP?

Pawar’s NCP will fight against Congress in all states except Maharastra. Once anti-Rahul, he now wishes for his win in 2014 general elections. He hits out at PM for his bitter remarks towards Modi. He calls AAP win in Delhi a fluke, but advises in veiled remarks to stay in the run. This is not Pawar’s fallout from Congress, this is strategy against BJP for cutting its vote share.
He has been a prime ministerial aspirant for too long. And we should not dismiss him as yet. He is not announcing his retirement. He wants to enter Rajya Sabha, just like our PM!

Union minister for agriculture and NCP’s giant killer Sharad Pawar has done it again. He hit out at prime minister Manmohan Singh for his recent press conference speech and reiterated that he will not contest 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Advising the prime minister for his recent comments on Bhartiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, Pawar said that the PM should have choose his words carefully. “I make it a point to use words cautiously when speaking about both my friends and my opponents,” he told reporters.

Late in October last year, when he came under fire from all sides for steep rise in onion prices, in an exclusive interview to the news channel CNN-IBN, he had said that he will be “happy without being a minister” and that he will not contest general elections. His statement was taken in the light of his recent anti-Congress remarks in which he had said that he will not continue his alliance with the Congress party. It was alos seen as an indication to Congress’ failure in future.

Pawar has made it clear again that his Nationalist Congress Party, a key ally to Congress, will contest elections in states other than Maharashtra in its own might against Congress.

“The Congress is not forthcoming, so we will contest on our own in Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Assam, Meghalaya, Uttaranchal, Nagaland, Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar and Kerala, where the NCP is in an alliance with the Left Democratic Front,” Pawar was reported saying in the media.

However, he was (and is) not averse to the idea of entering Parliament via Rajya Sabha route. “I have decided to stop. This will enable me to devote maximum time to party work. I am not averse to being in the Rajya Sabha (to which) biennial elections… will be held in March,” he said.

Interestingly enough, Pawar was quoted saying that he had no problems with Congressvice president Rahul Gandhi leading the UPA. He also told his party workers in a meeting that he would now like ‘new faces” to come forward.

Last time we checked, he was making headlines due to his regular potshots taken at Rahul. In his earlier interviews, he always criticized Rahul on his preparedness and experience. He had said that he would not wish to work under Rahul for his lack of experience. He had also suggested Rahul to prove his mettle in politics first.

The soaring popularity of Modi is a serious matter of concern for UPA and Pawar is aware of it. Given the fact that AAP is denting BJP’s vote share and is working with Congress despite its win against the party, Pawar has continued to make bitter-sweet remarks for the party.

While talking to reporters and his party workers, he described AAP’s success as a mere “fluke”. But, on the other hand, he suggested AAP to work cautiously showering examples of people and parties who went into oblivion after their historic win.

Pawar also blogged his views about Congress’ bitter loss in assembly elections and suggested the central government to either work for the betterment of people the way they want it or be ready for ouster from power. “They do not want weak rulers, but they want those who will formulate policies & programs for poor and implement them with firmness,” he had written in his blog the morning after Congress lost to BJP.

His strategy to go against Congress may be a ploy to try and cut BJP’s vote share, just like AAP, and help Congress. But the reality of everything will come out only after the general elections are conluded.

He has been a prime ministerial aspirant for too long. And we should not dismiss him as yet. He is not announcing his retirement. He wants to enter Rajya Sabha, just like our PM!

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