Narendra Modi: King of a divided house?

Narerndra Modi has been anointed by BJP which looks like divided house. It has the great task of shutting the critics ahead.

The Bhartiya Janata party has finally declared Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate. After tensed hours of persuasion and parleys, Modi was elected by the parliamentary board of the BJP as their face for upcoming 2014 general elections.

Party president Rajnath Singh, who had been instrumental in conducting the deliberations and co-opting the dissent, announced his election in front of the media with Modi and other senior leaders sitting by his side.

After the announcement, Modi touched the feet of Sushma Swaraj and Murlimanohar Joshi for their blessings and debriefed the media. Thanking the party he said, “I thank all BJP workers and leaders for this opportunity. I will not leave any effort to make BJP victorious in 2014 polls.” He also thanked the NDA allies who congratulated him over telephone.

Immediately after this he rushed to meet LK Advani who chose to stay away from the coronation.

Though the details of the meeting are not known, a letter by Advani to party president Rajnath Singh had been doing rounds in the media.

In the letter, Advani reportedly spoke of his decision to refrain from the parliamentary board meeting as he was against his election. According to the media reports, Advani showed his disappointment over working of the party president too.

However, all the senior leaders, including Arun Jaitley, Ravishankar Prasad and Sushma Swaraj dismissed the media not saying anything against Advani. They also maintained that Advani is held in highest regard among the party but election of Modi as heir leader was the need of the hour.

As Modi said in his brief speech in front of media, other party members too said that the country was amid “crisis” and the party took the decision after judging the nation and care’s mood.

Meanwhile, the media and the critics are calling BJP a fractured party who bypasses the party cadre. But every party member has been calling it an internal democratic process in which discussions took place and the leader was elected.

The odds have never left Modi’s side. He has been an exceptional leader and a very good administrator from past 12 years. But his critics only see the riots of 2002 when they talk about him. The media too has not been much supportive dismissing his long, full of struggles and hardworking career against a few blots in his career.

He has not only been supported by his party and seniors, but he is also respected among other chief ministers for the good work he is keeping up. Prakash Singh Badal, Manohar Parrikar, Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the list goes on.

He has always been open to changes and modern means. He was this unique attitude of reaching to his people and he uses social media to his advantage. He pursues his goals with single mindedness and delivers best results for his people. He has deep insight of political goings and knows his economics very well. Gujarat, in his leadership, has grown leaps and bound. It is the only state which has worked very well on the green scale too. The policies and governance of the state is best. But all the way his critics call him “close minded” and “authoritarian”.

Modi was mild and gentle when he spoke today about his coronation. But he thunders on his opponents at the right time on the right issue. There was no sign of authoritarianism in his attitude. He was brilliant as always while saying exactly what he wanted, believed in and forseeing for the nation.

Now it is for the BJP to support him whole heartedly and prove his critics wrong.

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