6 Motivational Videos You Must Bookmark And Watch Whenever You Feel Low

Motivational Videos

It is not that you alone feel jaded or demotivated. We all face a crisis like situations in life. But staying positive and overcome challenging times are importance for problems or issues are not permanent and one single step towards quitting or losing can permanently cripple you.

Sometimes we just magnify our problems.

So instead of focusing on issues, simply focus on solutions and keep yourself going no matter what, as we have already solved more complex things in past.

Whenever you get bog down by pressing problems in life empower yourself by positive and encouraging words. Trust me, this helps.

Today I have compiled some videos which will reignite your passion and make you get going, no matter what.

1. Fan made video of Hrithik Roshan’s motivational speech is very inspiring

Like everyone, Bollywood celebs also face rough times as well. The famous actor Hrithik Roshan, who is known for his Greek God looks and dancing skills, is going through some testing times in his personal life. Recently he shared a motivational video which was created by his fan. The fan compiled some of his speeches along with scenes from his movies to create a very inspiring video. Have a look.


2. Famous Failures

It is important for all to know that failure is stepping stone to success so do not afraid to fail. Famous people on this globe have seen biggest failures but still, they endeavored and moved ahead. This video covers remarkably successful people and their downright failures they ever faced.

3. Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address at Stanford University

This video is what I recommend everyone to watch. Each word of his speech is meaningful. Do not forget to imbibe his message with you forever. After watching this video you will realize that actually there is nothing called impossible.

4. Reinvent yourself

Sometimes we do not feel like doing anything for we are so doomed. We lose interest in our passion, in our work, in everything. And this feeling often bring us to the dangerous cliff of life and a single misstep can make fall in the gorge of failure. If you too are on the verge of giving up then the much-needed boost comes from this video.

Reinvent yourself video by Be Inspired is one of my favorite videos as it incredibly inspires me. The question whether you want to get and work or hit the snooze and dream will make you think.


5. What do you want in life?

We fail to become successful just because we think that we are losers and end up doing or leaving things in a mid way, and believe that it is poor luck. Basically, the fact is we do not want to move outside our comfort zone and take the risk. It is quite ok to have these feelings, we are human, but whenever your mind fills up with these thoughts do not forget to check this below mentioned the video.

6. Go Get It By Robin Sharma- Famous Author and Speaker

This Robin Sharma’s video is a compilation of his positive and motivational quotes that will surely make you successful if you follow them. His words are not just philosophical words as they are real and doable.  You can check by yourself.

Bookmark the article and whenever feel low or when negative sunk in, do not forget to recharge yourself and get going after checking out these videos.

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