Experiencing Mental Fatigue? 5 Ways That Can Refuel Your Mind

Mental Fatigue

Mental Fatigue

Every one of us experience mental fatigue  some times we struggle to come up with new ideas or we are so over worked that we cannot do our day to day work properly as well.

Every day our mind gets stressed over as we work on computers and it just stops when we work for over time. So do not worry why are not that creative like the other day or why you are unable to fulfill even small task.

Over thinking will not lead you any way as you have to accept  the fact that our mind is not made to work round the clock  and is rhythmic.

But instead of just over thinking and stressing one can simply follow tricks and tips that can recharge your mind.

Here are some of ways to renew your tired mind:

1. Take break from all gadgets after every 60- 90 minutes.

If you want quality work and do not want to deteriorate the value of your produce then do not think twice for taking breaks after few hours.

Make sure you take off your eyes from screens and other gadgets as this will have major impact too. So do not forget to take time out to recharge your mind and bring down your mental fatigue.

2. Sufficient sleep, meditation and exercise will renew you.

If your getting up early or staying awake till mid night just to finish your work or any task then you should know that the work that you do by sacrificing your sleep will always be shoddy one. Why ? Because your brain needs right amount of sleep to have right focus, analytic thinking and creativity.

As per researches we require at least seven to eight hours of sleep so that you mind is alert and active enough to grasp new things. Many famous leaders and performers sleep for more than 8 hours sometime.

Do not forget to meditate and exercise as this helps to slow down our mind and helps to fill in more o

3. Colors and images can help too.

Let your mind float free for when you allow your mind to wander it rejuvenates and notices and registers something calming and relaxing.

Also as per researches, bright colors like yellows, oranges and reds give a boost to creativity while sober and pale colours exude bore and lethargy.

This idea will help you to get new perspective for any task or problem you are solving or doing. Make sure you create soothing environment and not bombard your room with bright colors as it can distract you.

4. Are you drinking enough water and eating right food?

If you are thinking how come water and food is related to brain and mental fatigue then do not get puzzled.  Water is an important element for our brains as it hydrate tissues of brain and shortage of water in our body will lead to fatigue and irritation.

Staying hungry for long time and  feeding starving stomach with junk foods could only do more damage then good. It is better to eat at regular intervals and nutritious foods.  Why ? because high calorie junk food reduces your glucose after some time.

5. Stay away from negativity or disturbance.

If you think communicating with few people or person is inducing you to get confusing thoughts and hampering your concentration then do not fear to keep your self away from any distractions.

Fuse your mind with positive lines and think about your glories from recent past, how well you did previously, enjoy your small victories, thank and give credit to yourself and shun negative thoughts like how bad your performing or comments by others.

Follow these simple tips to keep your mind active always and will reduce Mental Fatigue too !

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