Men’s Underwears Were Never Such A Hot Property! My Bells Are Ringing!


This one is a fashion story, a little away from women and putting men’s accessories in the limelight, unlike the usual, run of the mill stuff! 

So you know, we have always thought that women’s items of clothing are the ones that cost a fortune. If you want to buy a ladies lingerie, you really have to think about the budget.

Men are no behind!

Well, as it turns out, mens underwear are beating the heat, with some over the top fashionable underwear range!

For the generous women who wish to pay back the efforts of their beloved boyfriends and want to spoil and pamper the men in their lives, sexier options are available, than just the eye-shades and tees. Chances are they will cost an arm and two legs, but it will all be worth it, in the end.

So the revelation is that, some of the thoughtful western fashion brands such as Hermes and RevolutionWear have broken the barriers and have come up with itsy-bitsy garments that cover men’s privates, in the price range as high as $450 a piece, which comes approximately to a neat sum of around 27,000/- Indian rupees. WHOA! I never thought in my wildest dreams, that a men’s underwear could be such a HOT PROPERTY!

Some of these branded pieces are fashioned so that they provide maximum comfort. Others are made so that they protect the precious goods of the wearer, in a more styled way. Also, If any of  you men are a lover of sports and outdoor activities then have no fear, as there are underwear which have been made with absorbent materials. No fear of sweat and irritation down there.

Huh! Saved the day!

As for all you well-endowed men, you have not been forgotten as there are the underwears, which are adjustable for the best possible fit. The material used to make these undergarments range from fine silk to soft cotton so one can be assured of quality and comfort.

For the rich dudes, the categories are also defined:

  • Boxer Shorts – The loosest and arguably the most comfortable in style. Great for sleeping in.
  • Boxer Briefs – The sexiest style, cut like tapered boxers, but fitting like briefs.
  • Briefs – The pants. Traditional briefs with a Y-shaped front fly and covering the basics.

And the way these categories are displayed at the online stores’ listings, it’s mindblowingly alluring. Especially for the wealthy gentlemen who don’t have the time to search for a pair of boxers in the garment stores, that fit their budget. The lists of handpicked most expensive men’s underwear, are aligned neatly on websites along with the fits, the materials and their … *GASP*… prices!

The models wearing them with a panache, look like million bucks themselves!

I guess the whole idea behind this hype of glamourising a men’s otherwise negligible garment is to create a little solace for men while giving them an opportunity to explore the underwear world and see some of the most expensive items out there, that can make them feel special and lift up the drowning moral, after spending a fortune on their women’s expensive lingerie. 

So for those men who want to do something for themselves and treat their body like a sanctuary this is the perfect opportunity to indulge with some underwear that are made for those who don’t see the price, but just the luxury and style (in the bedrooms and bathrooms only, of course!).

As for the pricing goes, Hermès takes the top spot with its $450 a pair, but others like Frigo from RevolutionWear, ranges from $100 to $350!

Whether you prefer refined, luxurious style and soft classic sophistication or heavily branded, designer logo-embossed waistbands and cutting-edge style, there is a whole lot of variety available, all you have to worry about is what colours to pick. You can take your girlfriends choice in that, of course!

The most important point to be noted here is that while a lot of women pay a fortune for a bra, there’s a key difference here: they don’t get any ball sweat. Hence, bras can be worn a few times before washing, but, men, you MUST wash all your underwear after each wear, come what may!

No matter how designer it may appear!

When it comes to men’s underwear, it is all about personal taste, character and motives… followed by hygiene!

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