Let’s Have a Copyright Over Sex and Earn Billions!


We are the world’s 2nd largest populated country on the planet and when it comes to sex, we hide behind the curtains of religion and culture pretending no sex ever happened in our lives and we all are a result of some super scientific discovery our ancestors made centuries ago to produce us!

Just like India gave “0” to the world, we add sex to the list of accomplishments that, for us, perhaps happens without anyone actually indulging in the act!

Yes, we are hypocrites to the core!

However, let’s not be ashamed of the fact and try to do something about it. Think about it, the whole world indulges in sex, every living species on this planet has sex, no business gets conducted unless someone somewhere is using sex as a tool to go ahead in life and yet we are in denial mode!

Why? What is the harm in it?

How about having a copyright over sex and make billions!

Come on, we already have Kamasutra to refer to. The western world already reads it and tries to follow it, without paying a single paisa to us. Why this injustice? It was our ancestors who decoded the sexual activity, described sexual positions and the whole world is enjoying it free of cost! And we might be doing it inside our bedrooms, but we don’t tell anyone! Not fair guys, right? We have the theory sorted, books written on it, we just need to get the practical act patented by doing some demonstrations, right?

It’s high time that we let the whole world know how many Kamasutra positions we follow without even reading the book and let there be inspectors observing the act and hand over the copyright to us. The westerners won’t have to read the thick volume of that book to learn the craft. We can teach them by live examples and already girls like Sunny Leone have popularized Indianness of sex! By the way, she has earned millions out of it; imagine the possibilities if a billion plus Indians went out to showcase the beauty of sex in their own time-tested and experienced way!

As such, our government and politicians, our bosses and colleagues, our juniors and our neighbours, and every possible person on the planet who has slightest of the grudge against us or is insecure or jealous of us, uses every possible opportunity to screw us! In a way, we are having sex 24*7 in different forms and ways, just that we don’t realize it! Till how long are we going to be ignorant about it?

Come out in open guys, accept that we all love sex and we don’t mind showing it off as well. This will also help the entire nation become rich. Narendra Modi and company won’t have to lift a single finger to bring economy on track, money will pour in! Even if some of his colleagues might have problems with the word, if not the act, for them we can devise some super cool Sanskrit word so that their sensibilities are not offended. And as far as the government’s ‘Make in India’ is concerned, who needs to lure foreign investors? Get this act patented and see all possible businesses opening shop in the country with their own money!

You see, the possibilities are endless! Only thing required is to think of sex as a practical and important need of life. Once we understand it, go all out for it guys! Trust me, the day any government turns this suggestion into a law, it will rule the country uninterrupted for centuries. After all, it is better than promising Rs. 15 lakh in the bank of ordinary Indians with the closure of foreign based black money accounts. Instead, let the slum dweller or a rickshaw wallah indulge in their favourite past-time and earn millions out of it! It is like standing on your own feet!

Let’s hope the authorities listen to us and act on to have a copyright over sex!

No shame, only gain!

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