You Know You are The Kindest Person If You Relate to These Things

Kind person – Kindness is a virtue pretty scarce in today’s society.

We often mistake kind people for fools because they make abject surrender to manipulation knowingly because they know their positivity will fend off malevolence. Kind people can wear this trait as a badge of victory because it took quite a few tests to train their minds to remain calm in adverse situations, such as Introversion, Sensing, Thinking and Judgement.

Kind people are the real people who thrive around honesty, integrity loyalty, but once their trust is breached, they turn ice-cold, this is the key trait of an honest character which capacitates them of being remembered.

Below mentioned are the dominant features about a kind person which makes them stand out. If you too are kind person, you are likely to understand these all:

You will have tough time to be logical:

You are very practical, practical and honest to say the least when it comes to comprehend life. You are the kind who would set goals and make them come true, you are a keeper who will fight until that feat is achieved.

The weakest point about you is that you are a perfectionist:

You always strive to make a better person of yourself. You are self-critical and advocate positive criticism.

It’s faulty that you are too generous:

You keep yourself happy to make others happy. You go the extra mile for people you love and they can feel it. You take no qualms in making others happy because it makes your heart happy, keeping the ego aside, so obviously you stand out from the pretentious lot.

Your friends turn to you for reason:

You are the like the conscience of other people. You always lend a shoulder to cry on and quite readily at that. You encourage people in their goals, aspirations, and bring them up if they need. Your honesty speaks volumes.

You are a disguised Ninja:

You have a calm and peaceful mind. You are kind of reserved and a great observer. You can handle difficult situations pretty fairy and without losing your mind.

You find happiness in the small things:

You have a kind-hearted spirit and there is no other way around for you. You are a minimalist and disciplinarian. You accept people above their social status, race and never are miserly about your love. Simple sunset, rain, sweet gesture makes you happy.

People call you an old soul:

You are into long conversations because you are not a shallow thinker. You have love and wisdom aplenty to share and only few people understand you.

Being a kind person, is painful because you are unapologetically selfless at times when it comes to spreading love. But don’t change yourself because the world doesn’t understand you. Not every other person deserves you.

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