People Shared Their Painful Incidents Of Sexual Assault And It’ll Hit You Straight In The Heart!

Incidents Of Sexual Assault

Incidents Of Sexual Assault  – There’s no need to describe the term “sexual assault”, because we all know what it means. It’s a shame, but still I would say, that in India, many women and men fall victim to it each and every day.

Well, thanks to the website, “How revealing!”, as it encourages men and women to share their painful incidents of sexual assault that they’ve been through.

These incidents of sexual assault will certainly break your heart, and it’ll show how cruel human beings can be.

  1. This happened when I was 16

                     This happened when I was 16. My 10th exam was over and I went to a water park with my best friend. We went to a long tunnel slide. There were 4-5 boys standing there. She went on the slide first. And then I went. And two of the boys followed right after me which they were not supposed to. The one right behind me groped my breast and then put his hand inside my swimwear and was doing something with my nipple which was very painful. I was screaming and crying and resisted as much as I could but I couldn’t get him off me.

Then when we came out of the tunnel, I was half naked as he had put down my swimwear till my waist and they both ran away as fast as they could. There were a few people standing there but nobody chased them, instead they chose to stare at my naked body. My friend helped me and then we went to complain about the incident to one of the guards there but he said that it’s impossible to find them now as they must’ve left by now, and the whole time he was staring at my breast while talking to us. I didn’t tell about the incident to my parents or anybody. But it gave me nightmares and I couldn’t sleep at night for an around a month.

  1. 28 Years Old

                 And I was 13 years old. I was an insufficiently masculine child, in a boy’s boarding school. I was bullied by my classmates and seniors, my towel snatched away, to check if I actually had a penis. One of our teachers took a special interest in me. According to him, I walked like a girl, talked like a girl, sat like a girl, carried my books like a girl (although, to this day, I have no idea what any of that means, especially for a 13-year old child). The teacher said this would happen, unless I “pulled up my socks.” He drew two lines on the ground, about two inches apart, and told me I should walk with my feet on either side of the line.

He told me I should sit with my knees apart, rather than pressed together. I practiced, and it was bothersome. He didn’t like the progress I was making, and he punished me, by sexually assaulting me in various ways. He said this is what the world would to to me, unless I shaped up. This went on for one whole term. I googled him recently, 28 years after the fact. He’s doing fine. So am I, FINALLY.

  1. I was molested everyday by my French Tutor

                Well, I was molested everyday by my French tutor in the comfort of my home. He would close the sitting room and sit close to me. He would touch me and ask if it felt good. I was just 11. I hate myself for not screaming, for not fighting back or telling anyone.
This man destroyed my trust in man, took away my normality and replaced it with years of painful torturous reminders. I am 43 now and I still hate being near any man.

 It’s heartbreaking to read these incidents of sexual assault, right? I would like to say, that I know it might be hard to talk about it, but guys and girls, if you’re going through any such incident, then please SPEAK UP. It’s 2017, and trust me; the so-called society is not gonna come and save you. So, be strong and do the right thing.

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