These 10 Historical Facts Will Leave You Awestruck!

  1. Mozart loved toilet humour! Trust me! He even wrote a canon called “Leck mich im Arsch” (“lick me in the arse”).

Sung by six voices in a three-part round, the song is believed to be intended as a party piece. The phrase “leck mich im arsch” is closer in intent to the English “kiss my ass” than the literal translation suggests. But his letters also display his obsession with toilet humour. In one letter to a cousin, for example, he wrote a rhyming verse suggesting that “Into your mouth your arse you’ll shove.”


  1. Fanta soft drinks were created to get around trade embargoes against Nazi Germany. Yes, this is true!

In 1941, with Europe enmeshed in World War II, Coca-Cola was having trouble sending its syrup to its German operations. But they weren’t about to let a pesky trade embargo against Hitler’s Germany stop them from selling soda to thirsty Germans. So Coca-Cola created a new product for Germany made from whatever ingredients were available, such as whey and pomace, the “leftovers of leftovers”. The result? Fanta!! While the company had no affiliation with the Nazi party, they sure didn’t mind doing business in Nazi Germany. Today, we love it like anything! Mmmmm the taste!


So these were a few from my kitty!

I shall be back with more, soon!

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