Now There’s Detachable Jeans That Can Turn Into Shorts, And Yes It’s Absolutely Questionable!

Detachable Jeans

Detachable Jeans – Earlier, “Plastic jeans” were considered to be the worst thing ever. And this time, people are not liking the new “detachable jeans” that can turn into shorts.

People are wondering “What’s wrong with Fashion nowadays?” Detachable jeans created quite news and people still can’t get over this “new fashion trend.” Like I mentioned “Topshop’s” plastic jeans was not at all loved by people and now Opening Ceremony’s new creation is facing the same thing. Everything is questionable and one thing is sure that this FASHION is considered to be the worst.

This is designed by Y/project and can be worn in two ways i.e. long denim trouser and then you can turn it into shorts. There are obviously buttons that allow you to do so.

Here’s the picture of DETACHABLE JEANS in Denim.

Detachable Jeans

The description given is “These Y/project come in a 2-in-1 style with detachable straight-fit legs. The high cut shorts and legs are held together with button tabs along the front and back.”

Are you impressed?

Here are other pictures (Black jeans) There are only two colors available and you can buy any one if you want too. Currently, only two colors are available.

Here’s how they look once you turn them into shorts.

Detachable Jeans

There are many people who shared their views on this new “Bad” denim trend “Detachable Jeans” that can turn into SHORTS.

People are not sure about whether they will spend their money on something like this or not. But one thing is clear, people are not really impressed. Just waiting for any Kardashian girl to wear this and make it a trend. You know; Kardashian’s can set a trend so quickly. Especially Kendall Jenner, who was in news for her ORANGE waist-high boots.

Detachable Jeans – Anyways, we can say that the idea behind it was cool, but the way it turned out to be is not impressive enough.

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