A Letter To The Man Who Thinks Girls Should Not Go Out In The Night

go out in the night

Hey There,

After reaching home after 10 every night, eating food that your wife or mother has already cooked, watching television and looking at that young girl in the house, you give her a command – you shouldn’t go out in the night.

Well, why?

Instead of teaching her to become stronger and more independent, you want her to give up everything just because there are a few people out there who can’t control themselves. Really? And what about the life and wants of that girl that you just restricted from going out at night? Don’t you think she needs to decide about her life more than you?

First of all, what does being raped has to do with to go out in the night ?

Several cases have been registered across the country where rapes occurred in day time and there were even witnesses.

What about those cases?

Your all theories of night and alone goes into the drain when horrible crimes like that happen in the middle of a busy street in day time. But you have just one reason for all of that and that is going out at night. Oh no, wait, you don’t have just one reason but many. For example, the girl’s freedom, her independence and her authority on her own life. You don’t care about any of that because you think you can control every girl in this world. And the only solution you have to reduce rape is to lock every girl in her house, right?

Why? Why do you think that girls going out at night is the reason rapes happen? Why can’t you think beyond that. Think whether it is because of the girl’s timing or the boy’s mindset that causes rape. When the guy’s grow up listening how to tame a girl, how to keep girls in control, how to steal their freedom and many other things in their family, they eventually end up becoming a person who wants to do all that on any girl he wants. And then the rape happens. Not because of the timing.

A girl has every right to go out in the night, be it night or day, work as much as she wants, party wherever she likes and come home whenever she needs to. It’s her choice of timing and not your business to decide what’s wrong or right for her. Because the day you will stop putting all your judgment on her, she will live a much better life.

Thank you!

Someone who understands!

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