Yes,This Fish Bra Bizarre Trend Is Trending On Instagram !

Fish Bra trend

Fish Bra trend – The world was always full of odd and weird things but thanks to our social media, these odd things are now coming out in the open.

Lately, plenty of weird trends have been trending on Twitter and Instagram and well, they are textbook Bizarre! Hardly anyone knows how these trends came into being and the reason behind it. Most people are just busy following them.

And why not? Some of these trends, though strange, are really cool!

Just like all trends, the most recent trend which has taken Instagram by storm, is that of Fish Bras. Yes, this trend is really worth that what-the-hell look you have right now. This Fish Bra trend has been making rounds for almost a month now. So, what is it all about?

The Fish Bra trend is about when you go for a fishing session, clad in just a bikini top and a thong.

If you are lucky enough to catch a fish that day, you pose in front of the camera by holding the catch of your day in front of your breast in a manner that the fish covers them. So the picture is taken with you posing and the Fish acting like your bra. This has got to be the weirdest trend ever to be on Instagram, don’t you think? Sometimes, if your catch of the day is not big enough to cover you up, there’s an option for that too! You can always use two fishes to cover your breasts!

Yes, there are plenty of users on Instagram who have posted photos with two fishes covering them up. Some women have been bold enough to just cover the essential part and not the whole part! Some users have posted photos with huge fishes that they can hardly hold up! While some do not look quite realistic, some others do! The best part about this trend is that you do not have to take off your bikini top if you don’t want too. But i guess you will have more fun without the top!

Fish Bra trend – Some men have also tried this funny yet bizarre trend! They have help a fish in fron t of their organ and posted photos on Instagram!

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